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 Medical Jutsus 2

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PostSubject: Medical Jutsus 2   Medical Jutsus 2 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2008 6:12 pm

Zesshi Nensan - Fanged Tongue Acid
Requirements: 12,000 Int, 11,000 CC, and 8,000 Nin
Description: A very corrosive acid which is expelled from the mouth. It is capable of being projected far distances, with the strength to even dissolve rocks. However, being as acidic as it is, it must be spat very cautiously from the mouth, making it a very slow attack that will not succeed unless your opponent's speed is hindered.
Effect: +1,000 dmg.
Chakra Cost: 800

Souzou Dokubutsu - Poison Creation
Requirements: 13,000 Int, 13,000 Nin, 12,000 CC and you must know " Medicine Creation"
Description: Just as there are many naturally occurring substances that can be combined in order to heal, there are many naturally occurring substances that can be used to harm. Using their knowledge of plants and minerals a medical nin is able to mix together a variety of drugs and poisons that can range from disabling to deadly. It is not always the case however that it is used to harm. This skill is required to create anesthetics and other drugs required to treat patients. Chuunin are able to create poisons that can be ingested or used to coat sharp objects but more advanced poisons such as skin contact poisons require a Jounin.

Level 5
Requirement: Chiyute No Jutsu

Hone Chiyu no jutsu - Bone Healer Skill
Requirements: 15,000 CC, 14,000 Nin, 13,000 Int and you must know " Chiyute no jutsu".
Description: A variation of Chiyute no jutsu. When an ally has broken or fractured a bone. The ideal way to use this technique is to prepare a concentrated calcium pill with medicine creation but in the absence of the pill it is possible to force the patient’s bones to release higher concentrations of calcium in to the body than normal. Using the extra calcium, Chiyute no Jutsu is activated, but uses less chakra since the user already has the calcium to work with, but will only work on bone tissue. It is important to remember that bones must be properly and often painfully set back in place before they are repaired. It is not possible to treat bones that have been shattered in to small pieces (comminuted fracture, or ‘What Gaara did to Lee’) with this technique.
Chakra Cost: 1,500

Hekirekite no Jutsu - Thunder Hands Technique
Requirements: 15,000 Int, 14,000 Nin, 15,000 CC and you must know "Chakra Enjintou (Chakra Scalpel)".
Description: A ninjutsu in which the user focuses the chakra in his hands so that they can create an electric shock able to give a sufficient enough to make the heart start beating again in the event it has stopped. To use this technique, a medical nin places one hand on the patient’s upper right chest, just below the shoulder and the other hand on the left side of the patients chest, several inches below the arm and to the left of the chest. It is important that the patient be dry as possible when this technique is used and that no other person is touching.
Chakra Cost: 2,000

Satsugaite no Jutsu - Killing Hands Technique
Requirements: 16,000 CC, 15,000 Nin, 17,000 Int and you must know "Chiyute no Jutsu (Healing hands technique)".
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of killing chakra, which is the complete opposite of the Chiyute no Jutsu (Healing Hands Technique). Through concentrating their chakra in a manner opposing the Chiyute, instead of rebuilding and restoring another person's cells, this jutsu intends to destroy and unravel another person's cells.
Effect: +2,000 dmg. If it hits a vital spot the damage is 5,500. If it hits the heart damage is 8,000.
Chakra Cost: 1,600.

Chuusuusei Shikeikiden - Central Nervous System Electrical Shock
Requirements: 18,000 Int, 17,000 CC, 17,000 Nin amd you must know "Chakra Enjintou (Chakra Scalpel)".
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja turns their chakra into an electrical pulse which is transmitted into an enemy's body by striking the base of their neck. The electrical impulse travels up their brain stem and disrupts the flow of electricity in the nervous system. The brain cannot work like this, thus all communication between the brain and body are confused, causing a person to move their arm when they should be moving their leg, and generally debilitating them. Only an unusually skilled ninja would be able to overcome such a handicap.
Effect: The opponents actions have a 80% chance of failing. This chance decreases by 20% each post, however it will last longer on opponents with less intelligence.
Chakra Cost: 4,000

Level 6

Chiyute No Jutsu: Ichidanto - Healing Hands Technique: Major
Requirements: 21,000 CC, 20,000 Nin, 17000 Int, and 15,000 Sta.
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of healing chakra. This chakra, when concentrated, can repair physical damage to another person. With this level of technique, a Jounin has reached the end of what can be accomplished without the aid of a hospital. All but the most critical injuries can be healed and in some cases even injuries that would otherwise lead to a swift death can be reduced just enough to transport the patient to a hospital.
Effect: Can heal major injuries. Hp +10,000.
Chakra Cost: 7,000 can pay a maximum of 5,000 chakra to heal fatal injuries.

Ninja Kigusuri Souzou - Ninja Medicine Creation
Requirements: 21,000 Int, 17,000 Nin, 19,000 CC, and you must have proper medical tools availibe.
Description: Ever wonder who exactly makes something like a soldier pill or a blood replenishment pill? The answer is a medical nin with extremely advanced knowledge of how to make medicine. With this skill a medical nin is able to create beneficial tools for allies and team mates using naturally occurring substances. Most medicines are closely guarded secrets in villages and in some cases they are only passed down directly from master to student. Unlike normal medicine creation, this technique is not possible ‘in the field’ and requires a medical nin to at least set up a makeshift medicine lab in order to create the desired medicine.
Effect: Varies depending on medicine made.
Chakra Cost: Varies depending on medicine, more chakra makes more powerful medicine.

Saisei no Saibou - Cell Regeneration
Requirements: 23,000 CC, 23,000 Nin, 20,000 Sta, and 22,000 Int. Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses all of their chakra into one part of their body just before an attack. The moment that attack connects, the chakra activates the natural regeneration of the body's cellular makeup, repairing the damage done by an attack the moment after it is done. An extremely powerful jutsu, and at all times it uses almost all of the ninja's chakra, pretty much ending the battle for the user.
Effect: Heals all damage done to the user.
Chakra Cost: = Damage done to the user/2

Biransei no Jutsu - Poison Gas Technique
Requirements: 23,000 Int, 23,000 Nin, 16,000 CC, and you must know "Zesshi Nensan (Fanged Tongue Acid)".
Description: Technique creates a cloud of poisonous gas that erupts from the ninja’s mouth in a stream. The cloud clears a distance between the ninja and their enemy, as not to capture the ninja himself within its area of effect. Any enemy caught within its area of effect will succumb to the poison’s effects.
Effect: +1,000 damage per post. Lasts untilthe poison is treated or battle ends.
Chakra Cost: 6,700

Shinzou no Suiryoku no Jutsu - Heart Thrust Skill
Requirements: 26,000 Chakra Control, 25,000 Nin, 24,000 Int,21,000 Sta and you must know "Satsugaite no Jutsu (Killing Hands Technique)"
Description: Using chakra at the fingertips, the medical nin is able, with a direct and accurate blow to an opponent's thorax, to cause a slight heart attack, and other serious heart conditions such as VT, VF and so on. The blow must be very accurate and done with exactly two fingers, the chakra at the tips of said fingers travels upon impact to the heart and the arteries surrounding it. The possibilities are quite endless at that point, as the destructive chakra is capable of ripping a part one or two arteries, fracture the heart muscle and even force the coronary veins to tighten, resulting in a mild heart attack.
Effect: +10,000 if the heart attack is successful.
Chakra Cost: 8,000

Level 7

Shinreitejutsu - Psychic Surgery
Requirements: 30,000 Chakra Control, 27,000 Nin, 22,000 Int, 20,000 Sta and you must know "Chiyute No Jutsu: Major, Chakra Enjintou (Chakra Scalpel)".
Description: This skill is used to perform major surgical procedures. Unlike normal surgery this skill does not require instruments. The medical nin literally inserts their bare hands in to the patient and attempts repair. The difficulty of this procedure depends greatly on the exact kind of operation being performed. It is even possible to remove an organ with this procedure in the event that it has been too severely damaged to repair. Most surgery require hours of exhausting work by the medical nin and only when there is no other choice should such a procedure be attempted in the field.
Effect: Heals any organ or injury. (Does not restore HP)
Chakra Cost: 10,000

Saisei - Regeneration
Requirements: 30,000 Int, 27,000 Nin, 26,000 CC, 23,000 Sta and you must know "Chiyute No Jutsu: Ichidanto".
Description: A healing technique is useless when a portion of a patient’s body has been destroyed. Burns from fire or acid, nerve damage from toxin, lung damage from some diseases, all simply can’t be healed away because the body has literally no means to correct them. This technique remedies the problem. By using healthy skin, muscle and other tissues, portions of a patient’s body can be reconstructed. This technique can correct most forms of damage but requires great effort on the part of the medical nin and in the case of injuries that have gone unhealed for too long, the technique is only partially effective. Some portion of the damaged area must be remaining in order to reconstruct it so it is not possible to reconstruct missing limbs with this technique.
Effect: Can restore a usless body part aswell as large sums of Hp.
Chakra Cost: 15,000 to restore unless body parts. And 1 addtional chakra for every HP you wish to restore.

Shinkeitsuu - Neuralgia
Requirements: 32,000 Chakra Control, 30,000 Nin, 37,000 Int, and 34,000 Sta. You must also know "Chuusuusei Shikeikiden (Central Nervous System Electrical Shock)" along with Admin approval.
Description: This technique creates unbearable pain. In order to use this technique a medical nin first gathers chakra in their hand and then touch any point on the victims body, the nerves in the immediate area will be assaulted with a pain so severe that it’s debilitating. It is not possible to withstand this pain and targets of this technique will often desperately clutch at the inflicted area while screaming. The pain inflicted by this technique fades but the area affected remains extremely sore for at least a day.
Effect: The opponent loses all their Chakra Control for 3 posts. Their Mob, Str, Sta, Int, are all reduced by half for 2 posts.
Chakra Cost: 20,000

Circle of Enlightenment
Requirements: 32,000 Int, 30,000 Nin, 30,000 CC, and 27,000 Sta you must also know "Chiyute No Jutsu Major", and have Admin approval.
Type: Hijutsu (Secret medical jutsu)
Description: One of the most powerful Ijutsus ever known to shinobi, this one requires at least 5 medical nins who are willing to lend their healing chakra to the user in order for the technique to succeed. First and foremost, this jutsu requires a preparation of one hour in which the user writes down intricate seals on the floor. These will be used as medium for healing chakra.

Then, a severely wounded creature (can be an animal) will be placed in the center of the intricate drawing. Now comes the most important part, when on each of the 4 corner of the complex drawing, a medical nin will sit, ready to push in chakra while the user of the jutsu will stand near its side. The fifth medical nin will sit at one of the drawing's sides and will have the key role in the jutsu, as he or she are responsible for harnessing the other medical nins' healing chakras and diverting it towards the accelerated healing.
Then, it begins- Healing chakra is pushed forward in an amazing rate, with the seals acting as medium for the chakra to pass through to the patient's body. The mass amount of healing chakra combined with a sample of the patient's DNA has a stunning effect- Even the most mortal of wounds are able to heal in a matter of minutes. The same goes for ailments, poisons and deceases; the jutsu also has a cleansing effect on the body.

After the jutsu is done, most times users will require a great deal of rest after using so much chakra. Obviously, this jutsu is impossible to use during combat, and should only be preformed in a hospital, where other medical nins are present to oversee the procedure and to help out if things go wrong.
Effect: Heals all Hp and restores all dead limbs, can be used to reattach removed limbs aswell
Chakra Cost: A combined total or 200,000.

Level 8

Souzousaisei - Genesis Rebirth
Requirement - Saisei (Regeneration), admin approval
Description: A Ninjutsu technique that only those with the Souseki Fuuin (Genesis Seal) can perform. By gathering chakra into their seal over a period of time, they can then use that gathered chakra by releasing the seal. The chakra accelerates the production of various enzymes in their body, causing almost instant cellular reformation, healing absolutely any mortal wound, including extensive damage to internal organs. However, the number of times cells can multiply is limited, so using this technique takes away from the total life span of the ninja using it.
Effect: +2000 Hp and Chakra for every day the user was a member. After the battle the user loses 3,000 Hp off their total perminatly.
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Medical Jutsus 2
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