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 Medical Ninjutsu

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Medical Jutsu List

-Only those with the Healer Types can take this list.

Level 1
Shindan - Diagnosis
Requirements: 1,500 Nin 1,500 CC, and 1,600 Int
Description: The first step in treatment is understanding the problem. With this skill a shinobi uses their hands to carefully probe a patient for problems. This technique is preformed by kneeling over a patient and slowly running both hands over their body, looking for signs of injury that may not be visible to the naked eye. It can detect things such as internal injury, improper heart rate, non-apparent bone fractures, poisoning, and disease. A ninja of higher rank has learned to use this technique to perform a rudimentary examination of a body to determine cause and time of death. A Genin using this skill takes several minutes of work to determine the nature of a problem, a Chuunin takes less than a minute and a Jounin requires only a few seconds.
Chakra Cost: 200

Kiyomaru - Cleanse
Requirements: 1,700 Nin 1,700 CC, and 1,900 Int
Description: It is not always possible for a medical nin to practice basic hand washing and other procedures. This technique has the effect of instantly removing bacteria, dirt, blood, and other contaminants from the userís hands, lower arms, and face. It also insures that any breath that comes from the userís body will be free of any bacteria or infectious disease. This technique can also be used to clean the wounds of others in order to prevent infection from bacteria. It the event that the medical nin is using this technique to prevent infection of an injury that has been inflicted upon them, it is used as if the shinobi were using it on somebody else.
Chakra Cost: 500

Shiatsu - Massage
Requirements: 2,000 Nin 2,000 CC, and 2,300 Int
Description: For a variety of reasons, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can become overworked and painful. This may be because of some type of injury or it may simply be the result of too much work without enough rest. By applying the proper amount of pressure at the right points and using small amounts of chakra a medical nin is able to relieve pain and help the patients body recover more quickly. A strain or sprain can seriously hinder the effectiveness of a shinobi and as such this technique really can make a difference.
Chakra Cost: 700

Teikouryoku - Power of Resistance
Requirements: 2,500 Nin 2,500 CC, and 2,500 Int
Description: A medical nin must always be aware of becoming a victim of whatever their patient is suffering from. With this technique a medical nin temporarily increases their resistance to diseases and poisons. It has no effect on diseases or poisons already affecting the medical nin. This technique improves as the medical nin grows in power and affords greater resistance to a wider range of diseases and poisons.
Chakra Cost: 400 to begin and 300 each post after, to maintain.

Tekishutsu - Extraction
Requirements: 3,100 Nin 3,300 CC, and 3,500 Int
Description: When a patientís body has a foreign object in it, such as the point of a shuriken, a senbon needle, or an arrow, it is important to remove the object without further harming the patient. Using this technique the medical nin places their hands on either side of the injured area and uses chakra to very carefully manipulate the surrounding tissues in order to remove the object without causing any further damage. Depending on the severity of the wound and nature of the object, it can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to remove it.
Chakra Cost: 500 per post.

Level 2

Gantai no Jutsu - Bandage Skill
Requirements: 3,400 Int and 2,500 CC
Description: Bandages can mean the difference between life and death but unfortunately bandages can run out. Medical nin have learned to make temporary bandages from their surroundings. Objects such as grass, sand, water and many others can be woven together over a wound to create a temporary bandage. The bandage lasts for about five minutes without a supply of chakra from the medical nin.
Chakra Cost: 300

Sansokyoukyuu - Oxygen Supply
Requirements: 3,500 Int 3,000 CC, and 3,000 Nin
Description: While it is possible for anyone to do CPR without chakra, this technique is an improvement. By holding their hands over a patientís chest a shinobi is able to use chakra to very carefully massage the heart and lungs in to functioning. This technique is not effective if for some reason the air passage is blocked, it does not provide oxygen or blood, only forces air in and out of the lungs and makes the heart continue to beat. A Chuunin is able to perform this technique on two patients at once if the need should arise. This technique requires that patients be unconscious and still before it will work and as such it will not work to disrupt the breathing and heart rate of anyone who is awake.
Chakra Cost: 500 per post.

Keksuki Gyouko - Blood Coagulation
Requirements: CC 3,800 Nin 2,000 Int 3,500
Description: A simple healing technique. The user uses his chakra on a wound to make the blood there coagulate and stop bleeding. This is primarily used as a preliminary treatment option as it does not close wounds. The bleeding from superficial wounds can easily be stopped but deep wounds can require several minutes to stop.
Chakra Cost: 400 per post.

Jokyo Dokubutsu - Poison Removal
Requirements: 4,000 Int 4,000 Nin, and 4,200 CC
Description: This technique does not cure a poisoning; it simply extracts a portion of the poison and prevents immediate death. This technique allows a medical nin enough time to prepare an antidote for the poison. This technique can also be used to slow down the effects of a poison used against the medical nin so as to give them time to escape or prepare an antidote for themselves. A patient will still die from a lethal poison even if this technique is used if the poison is not treated. This technique is less effective against highly advanced poisons.
Chakra Cost: 1,000

Level 3
Chiyute No Jutsu: Karui - Healing Hands Technique: Minor
Requirements: 4,500 Chakra Control, Power 4,500, and must know "Gantai no Jutsu (Bandage Skill)".
Description: The user concentrates chakra into their hands creating a ball of healing chakra. This chakra when concentrated will repair physical damage to another person. This is the first stage of Chiyute taught to all Medical Nin, it is not possible to advance past stage three without this technique. The effects of this technique are limited to superficial cuts and injuries though it can reduce the severity of more serious injuries.
Effect: Hp +1,000
Chakra Cost: 500. Can pay a max of 1000 more to heal more serious injuries.

Ondochousetsu - Temperature Control
Requirements: 4,500 Int, 3,500 Chkara Control, 4,500 Nin and you must know "Sansokyoukyuu(Oxygen Supply)".
Description: Normal body temperature can be disrupted for one reason or another and this technique is used to restore it. It can be used to treat abnormally high or low body temperatures either by using chakra to infuse the patients body with heat or by using chakra to siphon off excess heat. It is not required for the medical nin to continue to use this technique in order for it to be effective but unless the cause of the abnormal body temperature is solved then it will occur again over time.
Chakra Cost: 800

Summon Medical Tools
Requirements: Chakra Control 5,000 Nin 5,000 and a scroll(s)
Description: This technique allows a medical nin to summon some of the tools of their trade. It is not practical to carry around mortar, pestle, and other tools but a scroll that can be used to summon these and other similar objects is both practical and convenient. A higher ranking nin can use this technique to summon more specialized and advanced tools for poison creation and ninja medicine creation but at this level it is only good for medicine creation.
Chakra Cost: 1,500

Kigusuri Souzou - Medicine Creation
Requirements: 8,300 Int, 7,000 Nin, and must know "Summon Medical Tools".
Description: A medical nin has learned to study the effects of various naturally occurring compounds on the human body and how they can be combined in order to create medicine. In spite of increased knowledge of medical techniques there are times when mixing a medicine is the only solution to a problem. Medicine creation has a variety of uses, such as creating poison antidotes, healing ointments, and disease fighting. Medicines can also be used to treat minor every day ailments such as an upset stomach or cold. A Genin using this skill has only rudimentary knowledge and often requires a small guide in order to find and create basic medicines. A Chuunin will know how to prepare a medicine for any normal injury, poison, or disease. Advanced and highly specialized medicines, such as those needed to counteract the negative effects of the Akimichi 3 color pills, require the knowledge of a Jounin who has learned more through experience than could be found in any book.
Chakra Cost: Varies depending on medicine needed to be made.

Level 4
Requirement: Chuunin, must have "Chiyute No Jutsu Karui",

Chishio Tensou no Jutsu - Blood Transfusion Skill
Requirements: 9,300 CC, 8,700 Nin, 10,000 Int and must know "Ketsuki Gyouko (Blood Coagulation)".
Description: Loss of blood is a serious condition, and not very uncommon one in the shinobi battlefield. When a person reaches such a dangerous state, a medical nin can ease their symptoms by using this jutsu. First, the medical nin places a surgically precise cut on the patient and then another cut on the donor. The donor and the recipient must have their respective cuts within six inches of each other; this is typically accomplished by cutting their opposing arms and having them lay beside each other. The medical nin then forms a sphere of chakra between the two cuts drawing out blood from both patients and altering it so that the blood type of the donor matches that of the recipient. It is important to remember that taking more than 1 pint of blood from a donor is extremely dangerous, even with the loss of only 1 pint of blood the donor may suffer from dizziness and fatigue.
Chakra Cost: 2,000

Chiyute no Jutsu - Healing Hands Technique
Requirements: 10,000 Nin, 11,000 CC, and 11,000 Int you must know "Chiyute no Jutsu: Minor".
Description: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja focuses chakra into the palms of their hands, creating a small ball of healing chakra. This chakra, when concentrated, can repair physical damage to another person. This is the more advanced level of Chiyute no Jutsu, used by Chuunin and is required to advance to level five. A Chuunin has learned to use Chiyute no Jutsu with greater control and efficiency and it is now possible to treat deep serious injuries that might otherwise result in death from bleeding.
Effect: Hp +5,000
Chakra Cost: 3,000 can add a maximum of 2,000 more chakra for worse injuries.

Chakra Enjintou - Chakra Scalpel
Requirements: 12,000 CC, 11,000 Nin, 9,000 Sta, 10,000 Int and you must know "Chiyute no Jutsu".
Description: A Ninjutsu technique used, primarily, for field surgery. The ninja concentrates a powerful aura of chakra around their hand, creating a blade capable of tearing through muscles and arteries, or breaking bone, without actually breaking the skin of the person they're using it on. This technique can also be used to repair the chakra system in a patient if for some reason it has been damaged. When used offensively, in combat, it is difficult to concentrate on the length and power of the scalpel, making it harder to successfully hit an enemy's arteries, ensuring a kill.
Effect: If used in battle it does 1,500 dmg. If it hits a vital spot the damage is 3,500. If it hits the heart damage is 6,000.
Chakra Cost: 1,200.
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Medical Ninjutsu
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