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 Rock Style Jutsu's

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Metamorphic Rock [Henseigan]
The user can take any rock they can get their hands onto and change itís shape into almost anything. They can widen it, they can lengthen it, and they can even sharpen the edges.
Requirements: Stats 50 or above
Cost: 300 for Students and genin, 150 for others

Iwa Soushi no jutsu (Rock creation technique)
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: A basic skill of the Iwa tsuchi soujuu jutsus. By focusing chakra on a pile soil/sand or any earthen material held in oneís hand, the user is able to compress the soil so tightly a simple rock is created. The rock is just like any regular rock, and this technique works almost instantaneously. Simply grabbing a pile of soil and immediately using the technique would allow one to create small rocks instantly. The limitation is of course the fact that the size of the rock would be the size of the userís hand. With greater mastery of this technique i.e. chuunin level, rock can be moulded off the ground, which means that bigger rocks can be created. Jounins can create a few rocks off the soil around him by releasing chakra into the ground.
Requirements: Stats above 50
Cost: 150


Statue Clone Skill [Doton: Zoubunshin no Jutsu]
The user gathers a large amount of stone and creates a bunshin out of it. The Bunshin is slightly larger than the user to protect more and is very enduring but it is incapable of any movement. The Clone has 60 HP. Must known Henseigan
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Cost: 300 charka 150 CC(for youe bunshin movement)

Earth Element: Inner Earth Reflection Lure [Doton; Dochuu Eigyo]
An attack used in conjunction with any clone skill. The user remains underground while the enemy wastes their time and energy fighting with clones. By hiding in the clones' shadow, the user is able to secretly attack the opponent without giving away their position. Effect lasts three posts
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Cost: 250 Charka

Earth Element: Mud River [Doton: Doryu Taiga]
In this common earth jutsu, the user converts part of the floor\ground that he and his opponent are standing on into a sliding river of mud and earth. The opponent quickly loses his or her standing and starts sliding wherever the mud river will take him or her.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Cost: 1000 chakra

Knight of Dust [Chiri no Kishi]
A technique where the user gathers dust and dirt particles and makes them into armor. The user brings forth the particles to their skin then adheres them to their skin and infuses them with chakra making a thin layer of weakened armor. Because of the extra weight gained through this process the userís speed suffers some but not to any great extent.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Cost: 500 Chakra, 1000 mob.

Stone Sword Skill [Iwaken no Jutsu]
By placing their hand on the ground and infusing it with chackra the user is able to pull out a sword made of stone. Because of the low level of the technique the sword will be slightly duller and heavier than its metal counterpart. It is good for use as a blunt weapon though.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Effect: 500 Damage per slash
Cost: 200 charka

Earthen Flower [Tsuchihana]
A technique where the user makes a large flower made of stone come from the ground and clasp onto the opponentís leg. The part of the flower that is holding onto the opponentís leg has a together on it so that the opponent may move in a preordained area.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
effect: opponent is trapped for one turn. can be broken out of if strength is over 20,000
Cost: 1000 chakra and 500 cc

Subtle Shockwaves [Seichi Yoshin]
A good deal of strength is required on the userís part for this jutsu. The user gathers up some chackra into their fist and punches the ground send a strong vibrating shockwave through the ground that will knock an opponent off balance.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Effect: does 1000 damage
Cost: 1000 Chakra

- Stone Pillar Lv.1 [Iwachuuseki]
A technique in which the user sends a disc of chackra into the ground. Once this disc is stepped on a stone pillar erupts from it sending the stepper flying through the air.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Effect: does 700 damage
Cost: 400Charka and 250 CC

Stone Needles [Senbon no Iwa]
The user creates a large amount of needles out of rock, dirt, and clay and sends them flying toward their opponent. The needles are sent out from the ground at an upward slant toward the opponent.
Requirements: Stats 1000 or above
Effect: 1000 damage per neddle
Cost: 400 Charka and 500 CC and 100 more chakra for each needle.

Doton: Tamaishi Danmaku (Earth element: Pebble barrage)
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: Another basic technique. The user releases a surge of chakra that is capable of lifting small stones and pebbles off the ground and sending them flying towards the enemy. Only small stones up to the size of a grape can be sent flying, and objects too small such as sand will not be carried by the chakra. The force of this attack is not really damaging. Itís only something like having many pebbles thrown at you. Itís more of a distraction and annoyance than to actually damage. Yet, itís pretty useful to distract an enemy while one makes an escape.
Requirements: Stats above 1200
Cost: 500 for any amount


Stone Clone Skill [Iwabunshin no Jutsu]
An advanced version of the Statue Clone Skill, this jutsu takes the surrounding rocks and forms them into a moving constructs that can be made to look like almost anything. The creature retains the resiliency of its previous incarnation, and even has incredible strength, but it is slow and the chakra that holds it together dissipates after a time.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
Cost: 600 Chakra

Earth Element: Inner Decapitation Skill [Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu]
This earth jutsu allows the user to ďdiveĒ into the ground and move around in it as if it was water, or even thin air. The user's chakra displaces the earth around him or her, moving out of the way to create a tunnel just ahead of the user. This ability allows the user to get near an opponent without notice and when below him, or even pull down the opponent to ground. This jutsu does not confer any special ability to breath through the dirt, nor does it allow one to sense things above the ground. One weakness of this jutsu is that, while the user can pass underground with great stealth, the displacement of the ground on the surface when both entering and exiting makes a faint noise.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
Cost: 1000 chakra and 500 chakra to maintain

Hidden Earth Instantaneous Body Skill [Iwagakure Shunshin no Jutsu]
An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another by slowly lowering his body to the ground and eventually become "buried" in it. The user has to have been to the area before, and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport him there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
Cost: 3000 Chakra

Stone Pillar Lv.2 [Iwachuuseki Lv.2]
An advanced version of the Stone Pillar. With this version the pillar has several spike and blade like structures jutting out of it and it is also spinning as it comes from the ground making it hard to keep balance allowing them to possibly fall onto the spikes and get torn up by them.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
effect:2000 damage
Cost: 1000 Chakra

Earthen Disruption [Tsuchi Chaca]
The user takes a large amount of chakra and places it into their fist. The user then sends the punch into the ground. The chackra is sent into the ground and once there it explodes causing the opponent to be thrown upward somewhat and be hit by stray rocks flying through the air.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
effect: 4500 damage
Cost: 1000 Chakra and 2000 strength

Iwa no Yoroi (Shield of Stone)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C Rank
Description: A thin layer of protective mixture of stone and clay that covers a user's body. Since it makes the user cover him with hard stone and clay, this jutsu causes the user's body to weigh more and stamina usage is increased. Very similar to the armor of sand (Suna no Yoroi).
Requirements: Stats above 4000
effect: blocks up to medium tai and low nin.
Cost: 700 Chakra and 2500 tai per turn

Maruishi Tounyuu (Boulder throw)
Type: NinJutsu
Description: This technique focuses chakra on a single large boulder found in the vicinity and sends it flying towards an enemy. The impact is of course greater since itís a big rock, and yet, being a big rock, itís easier to dodge. Also, only one rock can be thrown at time(per post). However if the user is good at chakra control,(those with tree and water walking mastered) this can be done in quick rapid succession(a few rocks per post sent consequtively about 5). Can also be used on variations such as concrete rubble.
Requirements: Stats above 4000
Effect: 2500 damage per boulder
Cost: 1500 chakra per boulder


Earth Clone Technique [Doton: Tsuchi Bunshin no Jutsu]
By using clay and dirt in between rocks that are used to strike opponents, powerful yet fast clones can be made from the surrounding terrain. While the clones are exceptional in all ways, they only last a small amount of tine before crumbling apart.
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above
Cost: 900 Chakra

Earth Element: Splitting Earth Force [Doton: Retsudo Tenshou]
This causes a violent earth rift to be sent towards an opponent by slamming oneís open palms on the ground and sending chakra deep in. The earth rifting force can cause unstable grounds to completely collapse, and basically crack open the ground ahead and causes changes to the landscape as well as cause some severe damage.
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above
effect: Does 2500 damage
Cost: 1500 Chakra

Mausoleum Earth Dumpling [Doryou Dango]
After striking the ground with their hands, the user is able to overturn the earth into a large dumpling shape chunk of earth the size of a mausoleum. Using their immense strength, they can lift up the ball and hurl it at his opponent, flattening all in its path.
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above
Effect: does 7500 damage
Cost: 5000 Chakra

Pinball Wizard [Sennin no Pachinko]
The user summons up a ball of pure rock that is completely smooth and spherical that is about the size of a human. The user then infuses the ball with chackra and sends it towards their enemy. If the ball hits anything but flesh it will bounce off and head in the opposite direction. The user must keep feeding the ball chackra to keep it going and in doing so the boulder goes faster causing more damage.
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above
Effect: 4000 damage
Cost: 3000 Chakra initial cost, 700 Chakra every turn it is continued

Iwa Bakuhatsu no jutsu (Rock explosion technique)
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: By focusing chakra on a piece of rock/boulder, the rock can be forced to burst open with an explosive force. The explosion is large enough to cause bodily injuries and blast an opponent back with the impact. This can be used in conjuncture with the Maruishi Tounyuu to add in an element of surprise if the opponent thinks theyíve easily dodged the boulder. It can also be used on stationary rocks as well. Alternatively, this can also be focused on many small pebbles on the ground to create small explosions which is useful as a diversion. This can also be used with Iwa Soushi (rock creation) to throw explosive rocks. The explosive force of larger rocks reach about that of an explosive tag, while smaller pebbles would be around the force of an explosive pouch or a little lesser.
Requirements: Stats above 9000
Effect: 5000 damage per explosion
Cost: 5000 chakra per explosion


Bronze Clone [Doton: Douzobunshin no Jutsu]
A clone composed of the innards of the earth. It is a mixture of rock, clay, and raw bronze ore. The clay rests within the joints while the rock sits at unimportant parts and the bronze ore sits at more critical spots. With this addition of the bronze the clone is much faster but weaker than the other clones.
Requirements: Must be a Sannin
Cost: 4500 Chakra

Earth Element: Earth Barrier Prison [Doton: Kekkai Doroudoumu]
A technique which completely surrounds an opponent in a prison made of clay or earth. The user then is able to absorb the enemyís chakra through the walls. Since the walls of the prison are infused with a user's chakra, any damage taken by the prison is capable of being repaired/regenerated by that chakra.
effect: User steals 5000 chakra from opponent each turn they are stuck.
Requirements: Must be a Sannin
Cost: 6000 Chakra to make and 1000 chakra per turn to hold. cant be hold more than 5 turns.

Earth Element: Earth Dome [Doton: Iwa no Doomu]
A defensive variation of ďEarth Element; Earth Barrier Prison,Ē this jutsu retains its counterpart's characteristics and more. Instead of encasing oneís opponent in a dome, this jutsu enables the user to shield himself inside a thick dome of stone which is not only difficult to destroy, but also automatically repairs any damage done to it.
effect: blocks most high ninjutsu and obviously genjutsu
Requirements: Must be a Sannin
Cost: 6000 Chakra to make and 1000 chakra per turn to hold. cant be hold more than 5 turns. 2500 chakra every time it needs to be repaired

Earth Element: Underworld Swamp [Doton: Yomi Numa]
A technique which gradually creates a large viscous swamp underneath an opponent. The enemy is unable to move once trapped within the swamp, also it has the distinct ability to subdue any chakra effect, and hence one cannot walk on it using chakra. The swamp is roughly 10 feet in depth.
effect:5000 damage and opponent cant move for 1 turn
Requirements: Must be a Sannin
Cost: 4000 Chakra

The Five Pillars of the Colossus [Goh Chuuseki no Colossus]
The user charges up a large amount of chackra into their hands and slams them onto the ground releasing a large amount of seals over the ground in a 50-yard radius. At five corners of the area large 5 pillars are brought up with a lone mark on them that represents chakra. The chackra in these pillars creates a special dust that counters any use of chakra. This makes any chackra based moves useless in this area.
effect: opponent cant use chakra for 5 turns
Requirements: Must be a Sannin
Cost: 8500 Chakra

Land Meteor [Nagareboshichi]
The user summons up a large boulder the size of a small building and launches it at their opponent. Because of the size of the boulder and the friction the air gives it as it rolls the boulder will catch on fire making it look sort of like a meteor.
effect: 15,000 damage
Cost: 7500 chakra

Earth Element: Stone Barage
Skill: Ninjutsu
Description: The user creates a Number of Rock's From Chakra wich they hurl at the opponent with force, The rocks are made from Chakra so They deal more Of a effective Damage portion the most rocks used in one attack allowed is 10.
requirements: rank above Jounin (Sannin or kage)
effect: 1 rock=10000dmg 2 rocks=20000 ect.
cost: 12000 ninjutsu per rock and 5000 chakra
Volcanic Rock of Pain [Kazangan no Itami]
The user sends chackra through the ground, which brings up a large rock filled with liquid hot magma. The user sends it toward their opponent and controls its movement with their chackra. Once the rock runs into something it bursts open sending large amounts of the magma everywhere. Especially painful if it is on you.
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above
Effect: Does 20,000 damage when the magma bursts out and for three turns there is a 2500 burn damage
Cost: 15,000 Chakra
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Rock Style Jutsu's
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