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 Fire Style Jutsu's

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Katon: Ichi
"Fire Release: One"
The basic building block of a great many techniques down the line, this is presumably the very same skill that began the study of Katons. Molding their chakra through a simple seal of any choice, the user is able to focus it onto the tip of their index finger in the form of heat. With this, they can cut through things such as glass and rope with some difficulty. However, at this stage, control of oneís chakra is so minimal that this technique can only be used by one finger and essentially has no combat use.
Requirements:+300 all stats.
Cost:200 per post


Katon: Ni
"Fire Release: Two"
This technique makes it so that after a user has molded enough chakra to gather heat into their finger they can now distribute it to both the index and middle finger (one hand), making it a somewhat viable option in combat now. However, jabs and strikes made through this method would simply burn through clothing and wouldnít cause any substantial thereafter. In terms of raw searing strength, though, it allows the user to cut through even metallic string now. 800 dmg
Cost:900 per post
Requirements:2000 all stats

Katon: Hoteri Ougigata no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Flash Fan Technique"
A fairly simple jutsu, the user breaths in a fair amount of air while performing the necessary handseals and breaths it out in a short funnel of flame. Literally lasting only a few seconds, it explodes out of the mouth in a v-like wave and is a commonly used technique amongst shinobi who like to build into their attacks. The range of this flame, however, is about 3m and the flame itself isnít held long enough to deal any real damage. Therefore, it isnít necessarily a viable offensive option as compared to other jutsus, but it does serve its purposes since only two handseals are needed to perform this technique. 1400 Damage
Cost:1200 chakra
Requirements:4000 all stats


Katon: San
"Fire Release: Three"
At this stage of learning, users of this technique are expected to be quite adept at controlling the flow of chakra in their body. It is by this that they are now able to both create ample amounts of chakra and distribute to both hands. The actual heat effect of this technique, though, still hasnít changed much from Katon: Ni. Also, awkwardly enough, the user is still unable to have the technique travel throughout one whole hand. 2500 Damage
Cost: 2300 per post
Requirements:3000 all stats

Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique"
A jutsu that sends a stream of fire towards the opponent, originating from the users mouth. In some cases it has been seen to take on the form of a dragon. Capable of being used like a flamethrower, prolonged exposure has been known to transform boulders and cliff sideís into molten piles of magma. 1500 Damage
Requiements:2000 all stats


Katon: Shi
"Fire Release: Four"
Much unchanged from Katon: San, the most noticeable change here is the strength of the heat effect set off by the userís fingers. Now able to melt through various objects of higher density than glass (not including metals), the only drawback is that this intensity is only attainable through one hand at the moment. One could compare the effect of this technique to being stabbed with a searing hot kunai. Essentially, this is just a much more combat effective version of Katon: Ni. 2900 Damage
Cost: 1900 per post
Requirements:4000 All stats

Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Powerful Fireball Technique"
Uses a high amount of chakra which allows the user to breath out a large portion of flame. Extremely powerful, this Katon seems to possess a denser mass than most Katons. This would explain its intense potency and explosive nature. 4000 Damage.
Cost:3500 Chakra
Requirements:4000 all stats


Katon: Go
"Fire Release: Five"
This is where the technique evolves into one of the most deadly techniques within the Leaf. This is the stage before Kaseiken, the only move of comparable strength to the Chidori within the Leafís arsenal. In this building block, however, the user mimics the hand movement and effect of Chidori, replacing lightning with flame. Here, unlike the techniques leading up to this, flames now spring forth from the userís entire hand. If the user balls their hand into a fist, however, the flames immediately disperse and the jutsu is cancelled. In this way, only spear-handed attacks can be made and their potency is increased so that most defenses can now be pierced. 4500 Damage
Requirments:+4500 all stats

Katon Hidora no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Hydra Technique"
A variant of the Katon Ryuuka no jutsu, this one has the same function, only tripled. Instead of one stream of fire that advances towards the opponent, the user is capable of exhaling three at the same time, although all still vary from each other at only a slight degree (meaning that they can only be used against enemies that stand close to each other and not at different directions). The 3 streams look like 3 snakes, and that's where the jutsu got its name. 6000 dmg.
Cost: 6000 chakra
Requirement:6000 all stats

Katon: Daitou no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Longsword Technique"
Similarly performed as compared to the Katon Kyuuka, the user instead focuses all heat around them onto their skin. Then, by molding chakra in the most precise manner they are able to turn their entire arm, the most dominant usually, into a long, flaming sword. It shoots out from the arm and remains there for a few moments, incinerating anything it touches. Comprised of the same sort of heat given off by the Kyuuka, it is basically amplified to the point where it can be used offensively. If it used longer than a minute (one post) the userís arm will be singed and will be unavailable for 3 Posts. 2000 dmg
Cost:1600 chakra
Requirements:5000 all stats

Katon: Kudakasei no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Shatterforce Technique"
Built upon the principles of Katon: Myaku Hitofuki no Jutsu, this technique instead acts as a much more powerful, centralized version. Gathering heat in between both hands the user focuses it until it cannot be condensed further. Manifested as a sphere of raw, glowing energy it is at first held at bay as if only for show. Then, given any cue, the user slams the sphere into the ground, causing it to explode with the power of pure heat behind it. The user is unaffected by this burst of power, but anyone within the radius of the blast suffers some unsettling consequences alongside the devastating concussive force it sends forth. This technique, by sheer strength alone, has even been known to crack boulders and takes off damage as well. 4500 dmg
Cost:4000 chakra
Requirements:+6000 all stats

Katon Karyuu Endan
"Fire Release: Fire Dragon Blast"
A jutsu that sends a stream of fire towards the opponent in the shape of a large dragon from the users mouth. The intensity of the flame is enough to completely melt stone and the end regovita of this techniques rampage is an explosion enough to send an entire mountain aquiver. 5000 damage
Cost:5500 chakra
Requirement:+8000 all stats

Katon Yurika no Jutsu
"Fire Release: Fire Lily Technique"
Comparable to the Katon Housenka no Jutsu but different still, this technique is obviously kept within only the most seasoned shinobi of the Leaf. Breathing in and expanding their lungs to an almost impossible size, the user breaths out gigantic fireballs (of comparable make and strength of the Katon Goukakyu). A highly draining technique, it more than makes up for the chakra consumption in potency. Entire engagements have both started and ended with this one technique, easily felling multiple enemies in one ferocious attack. 8000 Damage
Cost:7000 Chakra
Requirement:7000 all stats.


Katon: Shinhidora no Jutsu
"Fire Release: True Hydra Technique"
An extremely powerful technique, used only by the most powerful of Leaf-nins, it has been known to destroy entire landscapes in one fell swoop. By somewhat summoning a large, fiery monstrosity in front of them: a Fire Dragon with three heads, the user is able to fire three Katons equal in strength to the Karyuu Endan at three different targets, or all at one. 12,000 Damage
Cost:12,000 chakra
Requirement:15,000 all stats

Katon: Oorashi no Ryu
"Fire Release: Raging Storm of the Dragon"
An extremely powerful technique that tests the physical limits of the user, it is the mark of a true Katon Master. Using all methods of heat creation and transferal, the user channels chakra all over their body and dramatically bends forward, their back hunched and aimed upward. Then, slamming their crossed arms onto the ground in from of them, firmly planting both palms on the ground, the user erupts in a blazing column of impenetrable flame. What the regovita is what can only be described as a funnel of pure fire. Designed to be used defensively over all else, the fire as well takes different form as floods of chakra meant to reinforce the technique discolor it. Purple, blue and red all at once, this funnel surrounds the user completely and has obvious effects: anything that makes contact with the user during this technique becomes instantly enflamed, and such force by the chakra launches it back. +10,000 Damage to anyone dumb enough to touch the user while surrounded by the flames, the amount of damage that can is protected from is 20,000 damage.
Cost:18000 chakra
Requirement:20,000 all stats
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Fire Style Jutsu's
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