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 Sand Style Jutsu's 2

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PostSubject: Sand Style Jutsu's 2   Sand Style Jutsu's 2 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 6:43 pm

Sliding Sand Wave [Suberi Suna Nami]
Not a very powerful jutsu in the least, this technique is mainly used to stop oncoming attacks or to psyche out the opponent. The user throws his hand to the side as if calling the sand to follow, it forces the sand on the ground to fly up in front of the user to either attack or defend against oncoming jutsu. This sand is not very strong and will easily be broken down if hit by a powerful jutsu. The sand rises to about the size of a normal human body and will revert back to the ground right after being called upon. Must have a large source of sand
Stat Requirments: 2000
Chakra Cost:750 chakra

Suna Shunshin
"Sand Instantaneous Body Skill"
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another in a gust of sand. The user has to have been to the area before, and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport himself there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile. Not to be used for combat purposes. This jutsu can only be used to escape combat, and may not be used in the same post if the shinobi has attacked or defended.
Cost:2000 chakra

Chiisai Bunshin Yamada
"Small Clone Projectiles"
Description: Stamping their foot down into the sand, the user causes a barrage of small sand projectiles to blast forward, each projectile about twice the size of a fist, and packing a power equivalent to a regular punch as well. One on its own obviously isn’t that harmful, but this technique creates over thirty at once, as such people unable to defend themselves may receive a great deal of damage before the technique ends, however, the barrage of sand projectiles is just the beginning. Upon striking, the sand from each of the projectiles quickly forms itself into what amounts to a miniature sand clone. Though they of course are not as physically strong as the user, they can still be quite dangerous, especially as they all carry the same equipment as the user possessed, albeit in miniaturized form, causing items the user carried such as explosion notes, to have effects similar to explosive pouches. These clones are typically used for surprise attacks, either by inflicting further damage on an injured opponent, or penetrating whatever defences the target used to defend themselves from the barrage and leaving them open for further attack. 450-650 dmg per projectile.
Requirements:Advanced Chuunin
Cost:3500 for 30 projectiles

Exploding Sand Clone Skill [Bakuretsu Suna Bunshin no Jutsu]
This jutsu causes one or more previously created sand clones to explode from the inside, sending the sand that was used to create them towards the victim.
Stat Requirements: 2000
Chakra: Clones plus 500 per clone to make them explode.
Damage 350 per direct hit.(indirect hits or partial attacks can be judge by Mod)

Suna Tsuka
"Sand Mound"
Description: Forming a single seal, the user changes their body into a pool of sand which is quite small in mass, smaller than the user originally was. While in this form, the user may move, albeit very slowly, as such it is not a good technique for a heated battle. The user may maintain this form for a considerable length of time, though any direct attacks at the sand puddle will regovita in the jutsu dispelling, and the user potentially suffering injuries as a regovita.
Requirements:Advanced Chuunin
Cost:1500 to activate, 750 per post

"Hidden Sand"
Description: The user must be around a lot of sand to do this. By pulling the users body into the sand slowly the user is able to move around underneath the sand undetected and able to breath. Additionally this same jutsu may be used to move beneath normal earth, but the user will not be able to move as fast as if they were underground.
Requirements:Beginner Chuunin
Cost:1200 Chakra, 400 to maintain

Sand Net Skill [Suna Bou no Jutsu]
Creates a large net out of sand from a source of sand that is hurled by chakra towards the user. If the net catches the victim it slowly begins to constrict around the victim. The chakra in the rope deteriorates over time, gradually reducing the rope’s strength.
Stat Requirments: 3000
Chakra Cost: 1000 cost, 100 chakra to maintain(Rope Goes away after 3 posts)

Sand Sphere [Suna no Kyuutai]
The user slams his hands down on the ground, bringing up a large amount of sand around him that will form a thick, powerful sphere around him, protecting him from all incoming attacks for a short remainder of time. This sphere will withstand all pressure for a maximum of one turn for Genin, two for Chuunin, and three for Jounin. During this time, the user cannot see what is happening outside of the orb. Requires a large source of sand.
Stat Requirments:4000
Chakra Cost:2000

Sand Transformation Skill [Suna Henge no Jutsu]
The user covers himself in the sand armor and if he wills it he may change the appearance of the sand to one not of his own. More useful than Henge, it is not easily dispelled unless the Suna no Yoroi is broken. Even Doujutsu’s can’t typically tell that it is a jutsu which makes it especially useful for spying. When Suna no Yoroi is dispelled, so is this jutsu. Sand Armor must be active.
Stat Requirments:
Chakra Cost: Sand armor cost and 900 to start and 300 a post to maintain


Sabaku Fuyuu (Floating Desert Sand)
This is a technique utilizing the Suna element. Using the ability to manipulate sand, the user will form it into a large floating chunk that can levitate through the air and allow them to rest upon. The user getting to master this techique can levatate all Sand he has made himself and can control it in the air. The sand can also be used to stop mild attacks and Taijutsu.

Desert Warzone Skill [Sabaku Kousenchitai no Jutsu]
After charging a fist with chakra, the user slams his knuckles into the sand, sending what looks like a shockwave of sand at his enemy. In reality, he is delaying the force of the punch and making it travel beneath the desert at his opponent where it then explodes. However, this jutsu is called ‘Desert’ Warzone for a good reason; it only works where there is a lot of sand on the ground. Attempting to use this jutsu anywhere else, such as on hard, packed ground will most likely regovita in the user breaking his or her hand. Can be used on any terrain if strength is above 15000.
Stat Requirments: all stats above 9000
Chakra Cost: 2000
1000 dmg

Great Arm of Sand [Suna Futoiude]
A huge arm forms from the sand, and tries to grab the enemy with its large clawed hand. This jutsu is usually used to grapple a victim, but it can also be used as a shield or powerful punch. The arm can be guided, and stretch easily beyond 50 feet in length. The arm lasts three posts before dissipating. Must be near a large deposit of sand.
Stat Requirments: Nin 7500 Mob 8700 Str =to opponents CC 9000
Chakra Cost: 4000 to cast and grap 900 per post after that
+1500 dmg if you squeeze the opponent

Sand Dragon Skill [Sabakuryuu no Jutsu]
This jutsu creates a dragon from the swirling of the surrounding, which is quickly brought together and hardened by chakra. The dragon can shoot small blasts of sand from its mouth. The dragon has no wings and moves on all four legs. It like a lizard of sorts and it may use the Hidden Sand Skill at will as long as it is standing on sand. If there is no nearby source of sand to replenish the lost sand used in its blasts, the dragon will crumble after two blasts. Affect lasts 3 Posts. Dragon can be Reformed for an extra cost of 2500 . Dmg will vary
Stat Requirements: All stats above 13000
Chakra Cost: 6000 first post and 500 per post after that

Sand Sphere Counter [Suna no Hangeki Kyuutai]
After creating the surrounding orb of sand and using the Daisan no Me to track the enemy, the user can make large spikes of sand move towards the enemy out of the orb. The orb will not lose its power or shape because of this, but this technique will take a tremendous amount of chakra since so many factors need to be taken into account at the same moment. Sand Sphere and The Third Eye must be active. 1400-1600 dmg
Stat Requirements: Int 14700 Nin 15900 Sta 16300 CC 16900
Chakra Cost:2000 for the Sand Sphere 2000 per spike

Sand Shackles [Suna Sokubaku]
This jutsu makes four shackles made of sand launch from a sand source towards an opponent. Each shackle reaches for a wrist or ankle. This jutsu requires a large deposit of sand. Unable to move
Stat Requirement:Nin:12000 MOB:14700 Str13000 CC13500
Chakra Cost:3000 to cast and 1500-2500 per post after that more if the person struggles.

The Third Eye [Daisan no Me]
A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja uses sand to create an eye through which they can clearly see without fear of being seen. Perfect for spying or collecting information, or targeting an opponent while guarding himself with a wall-defense. Lasts for five posts.
Stat Requirments:Int 14500 Nin 15500 Sta 16000 CC 16500
Chakra Cost: 2500 per post

Name: Desert
Type: Nin
Description: By focusing is chakra into the ground. the user is able to make the ground turn into sand. all the area
Effect: Turns area into sand
Cost: 7,000 Chakra


Desert Coffin [Sabaku Kyuu]
The user’s chakra controls sand and causes it to surround an opponent or parts of his body, capturing them completely in sand. Only the face is spared to allow breathing. After opponent is captured, they may slowly be lifted into the air and may even be attached to something. The biggest flaw in this jutsu is that the user must maintain concentration on this jutsu for it to work, or the sand to the ground, inert. The user must be near a large deposit of sand.
Stat Requirments:Nin 18900 Mob 19300 Str 19700 CC 20000
Chakra Cost: 4500 and if you don't use desert Funeral and remain holding them its an extra 900 per post the max you can hold someone is 4 post.

Desert Funeral [Sabaku Sousou]
This is a macabre jutsu outlawed for its “inhumane method” that is used as a follow up technique to the Desert Coffin. This jutsu causes the Desert Coffin to violently constrict, slowly crushing the entrapped victim. If the Desert Coffin stops working, so does this jutsu. | Desert Coffin must be active. Damage Will be internal due to the Pressure, More than often it will end in death.
Stat Requirments: Int 18000 Nin 18500 Mob 19000 CC 19500
Effect: 3/4 the opponents max chakra
Chakra Cost: 15,000

Hungry Desert [Gakidou Sabaku]
This jutsu starts by saturating all the sand in up to a 10’ cubic area with chakra. After that, the sand slowly begins swirling, pulling anything in the area or on the surface down gradually. It takes several seconds (3 posts) for someone to be completely submerged. Even once submerged, it’ll take a while longer for the victim to suffocate. This jutsu is mostly used to immobilize the target, since it takes a lot of chakra to continue to pull the opponent under. | Once the jutsu ends, the victim is free to dig him or herself out. 2600-3300 dmg, will vary
Stat Requirements: all stats above 19000.
Chakra Cost: 5000

Raging Sandstorm [Kyoubou Suna Arashi]
By drawing out all the sand in the vicinity in a huge wind the user forces all the sand toward their opponent causing an extremely lethal storm of slashing sand particles. Not only can this jutsu erode flesh and cut ribbons all over the opponent’s body, the sand will remain in the wounds, heightening the stinging pain and making it hard to clean the cuts afterwards. The user must be near a large deposit of sand. 3000-3600 dmg
Stat Requirements: all stats above 20000
Chakra Cost: 7000
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Sand Style Jutsu's 2
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