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 Sand Style Jutsu's

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- Sand Collection Skill [Suna Choushuu no Jutsu]
“Sand” is actually a loose term that can include any small particles that range from dust, to sediment, to any other incredibly small object. Needless to say, this means that, even though in incredibly small deposits, sand can be found anywhere. This jutsu allows one to gather that sand into one spot where it can be better used for other jutsu. As one’s skill progresses the amount of sand they can collect and control also increases. In the case of jutsu that originate from a nearby source of sand, those jutsu instead originate from anywhere on the user’s body. Allows the user to use jutsu that requires sand that are of their current rank or lower without a nearby source of sand. “Advanced” jutsu of their current rank and jutsu that specifically state that a nearby deposit of sand is needed after the rank limit are exempt from this jutsu.
Stat Requirments: 500 average stats
Chakra Cost: 50 per cubic foot of sand.
Genin 10 cubic ft
Chuunin 20 cubic feet
Jounin 50 cubic feet
Sannin 100 cubic ft
Kage - Unlimited.

Name: Suna Yadama Ooikakusu
"Sand Projectile Coat"
Description: Before releasing a projectile such as a kunai or shuriken, the user first coats it with a thin layer of sand. The main purpose of this is to get sand within a wound when the projectile strikes, inflicting extra pain to distract the enemy. +50-150 dmg
Cost: 100 chakra


Sand Armor [Suna no Yoroi]
The user creates a thin, although durable, armor of sand around their body by making the sand stick to their skin and clothes and then hardening it. It is not as powerful as the Sand Shield, but the armor can constantly be rebuilt. It uses up large amounts of stamina, and makes the user a lot heavier so they can only keep it on for 4 posts at a time before becoming over heated and exhausted. As the user becomes more experienced (advances in rank), they can use less sand to achieve the effect, as well as become more resistant to the effects of exhaustion. -200 dmg per post. User Loses 400 mob per post
Stat Requirements: 1000
Chakra: 300 to start. 100 a post to maintain

Sand Clone Skill [Suna Bunshin no Jutsu]
Creates clones out of the sand. Uses small amount of chakra and requires the presence of sand to perform. It is fully functional, meaning it can attack and be attacked but it has the appearance of sand so it's useless to use as a distraction. The sand is dispersed when clone is defeated.
Stat Requirements:1000
Chakra Cost: 100 per clone per post. (clone has One Tenth of the users stats

Name: Suna Same
"Sand Shark"
Description: Forming the necessary seals, the user channels chakra into the sand beneath them, forming it into a small shark, about the length of the users arm. The shark is capable of swimming beneath the sand at considerable speed, and leaping out at will to bite at an opponent. Given the overall size of the shark, it is not capable of inflicting serious injury unless it is able to latch on and the opponent is unable to remove it. Several sharks can be created with this technique, the number determined by the users power. for Every 500 Strength, The user may Create one Shark. 100-250 dmg
Cost:200 per shark/per post

Suna Shigure
"Sand Shower"
Description: The user lifts a considerable amount of sand into the air and rains it down upon his enemy. However the sand will clump together, regovitaing in each drop being about the size of an average hailstone. If the enemy does not get out of the area affected the bombarding hailstone shaped sand can cause serious bruising and be quite painful. The speed at which the sand drops will fall is based on the users control. For every Chakra Control Level the sand will fall faster, Level one will cause small bruises and in turn level 10 will feel like a sledge hammer.
Requirements: 1500 chakra per post

Sand Explosion Skill [Suna Bakuhatsu no Jutsu]
The user must be near a source of sand. Sand is gathered using chakra into a swirling ball that is hurled towards the opponent. Right before impact, the ball explodes into a group of rigid shards that can cut and sting their opponent. 350, infected wound.
Stat Requirements:1200
Chakra Cost: 650

Sand Rope Skill [Suna Nawa no Jutsu]
Makes a thin rope of sand that the user can propel from a source of sand towards his or her opponent. The rope wraps around the user and tightens itself firmly. The chakra in the rope deteriorates over time, gradually reducing the rope’s strength.
Stat Requirments: 1200
Chakra Cost: 300 (strength above 2000 can break the sand rope)

Sand Shield [Suna Hogo Sochi no Jutsu]
The user slams his hands down on the ground, bringing up a large amount of sand around him into the air to block attacks. The user cannot stray further than five feet away from the shield, otherwise the sand will collapse. The wall will be sustained as long as the user continues to feed chakra into it. Blocks until dmg is higher than 500
Stat Requirments:1200
Chakra Cost: 500 Per post

Sand Throwing Stars [Suna Shuriken]
Creates shurikens out of sand. Uses a small amount of chakra and uses sand and hardens it to pose as a shuriken. The sand shuriken may be created from any source of sand and launched to an opponent by the user. The shuriken require a little extra chakra committed to them to be "thrown" if the user does not throw it himself.
Stat Requirments:1500
Chakra Cost: 100 a shuriken extra 50 for self propelled shuriken


Suna Shigure (Sand Shower)
Using chakra to control nearby sand, the user can then form it into an expanding cloud that will rain down upon the opponent and hamper their movements. The sand also seeps into the ground, creating more sand as the dirt and rock below is pressurized and crushed.

Shinchou Sabaku (Desert Extension)
Description: The user emits a small amount of chakra into hole in the ground (caused by stabbing the earth with a finger or something similar), then waits. After the two actions have passed, the sand begin to spill out of the hole, due to the chakra building such a tremendous amount of pressure in such a small space that it causes the earth to regurgitate the crushed particles.

Sand Whip Skill [Sunamuchi no Jutsu]
The user plunges his hand into the sand, then draws out a length of whip made completely out of sand and chakra. It is around the thickness of a child’s arm. With the whip, the user can attack his opponent from a short distance, either aiming for a blow that stings the enemy with sand particles, or wraps around a part of their body. If successfully caught, the user can send even more chakra through the whip, to its victim to cause more damage. The chakra in the rope deteriorates over time, gradually reducing the rope’s strength. Must know Sand Rope Skill.When sending charka throught the whip 2 chakra = 1 damage.
Whip can be broken with Str higher then 5000.
Stat Requirments:2000
Chakra Cost: 400 to create. 100 per post to maintain (up to three posts)
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Sand Style Jutsu's
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