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 Wind Style Jutsu's

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Academy Student

Wind Manipulation
This is a technique used to manipulate wind around the user. The user can use this to either blow things around, or make themselves float. In order to use this technique they need to input a low amount of chakra inside of either a weapon, or if they have no weapon, they must insert a high amount of chakra in order to perform this jutsu.
Effect: In order to perform this jutsu, the user must insert a high amount of chakra if they don't have a weapon(150 chakra for academy student's 2000 chakra for Genin-Sannin. 1500 chakra for Kage). If they have a weapon it will cost a low amount in order to manipulate the wind(80 chakra for Academy Student-Sannin. 1000 chakra for a Kage) if they have a item or weapon.
Requirement(s): 200 all stats.

Wind Kunai
This is a basic technique to manipulate wind into a kunai. The user must first perform a wind manipulation technique, and then they must learn how to control it and form it into the form of a perfect kunai. Of course the kunai can not be seen, but it can be used to damage an opponent. Once it is used once it will disperse and you must redo the technique again in order for it to be used.
Effect:-200 HP
Cost: 50 Chakra
Requirement(s): 100 all stats.

Kaze Bunshin (Wind Clone)
Basically your typical clone, formed from wind. It is easily bested by any sort of skill, but this clone is still better than the average bunshin as it is able to attack and be attacked. One clone may be made for every three post.
Effect: Creates one wind clone, the wind clone could be destroyed by any sort of attack.
Cost: 80 Chakra
Requirement(s): 300 all stats

Fuuton - Himitsu Kaze no Jutsu
"Secret Wind Technique"
The user whispers a short communication and envisions a target. The target can be as far away as the target needs. A slight breeze will head the target's way, and when it reaches them, will deliver the message in a voice only audible to the target.
Cost:500 chakra per post.Message Reaches Recipient in Their next post.


Dust Wind [Fuusajin]
A technique which uses a large fan that has been covered with a thin layer of sand to create a small sandstorm. This sandstorm is capable of deflecting weak attacks and covering objects in a thin layer of sand. The sand and dust kicked up by the fan is capable of blinding an opponent, if it gets in their eyes. Performed with a fan.
Stat Requirments: all stats above 400
Chakra Cost: 200

Wind Arrow Skill [Kaze Ya no Jutsu]
The user molds chakra and breathes in. He or she then blows out and an arrow made of wind is shot from the userís mouth. The arrow cannot easily be parried or blocked but it can be dodged. Since it is made out of wind the arrow is hard to see.
Stat Requirments: all stats above 400
Chakra Cost: 200 per arrow
Damage 100 per arrow

Wind Bullet Skill [Kaze Tama no Jutsu]
Performing this jutsu like he or she would perform Wind Arrow Skill, the user spits out a bullet made of wind. Unlike its arrow counterpart, which may puncture the victim or even pass through their body, the bullet does not go pass through the body. It stops at the skin and causes a severe bruise, a direct and point blank hit could cause internal bleeding. The user must know Wind Arrow Skill.
Stat Requirments: Nin 400 Int 550 Str 625 CC 720
Chakra Cost: 300
200 dmg per bullet

Wind Harpoon [Kaze no Sen]
This is a more advanced version of the Wind Needles. Instead of shooting out multiple smaller needles, the user fires a large harpoon made of air from his or her palm. Just like the wind needles, the harpoon can't easily be blocked or parried because it is made of air. Up to two harpoons may be fired at a time. The user must know Wind Needles.
Stat Requirments: Nin 670 Int 600 Sta 800 CC 900
Chakra Cost: 400 per harpoon
300 damage

Torrential Impact Skill [Shogeki no Jutsu]
This is a relatively simple jutsu that utilizes a large fan. By applying chakra along the fan and using powerful arm motions, this jutsu creates a powerful gust of wind that slams into the enemy, pushing him back. This jutsu may also be used defensively, to keep someone at bay or to knock projectiles away. When more power is applied, this jutsu is even capable of knocking a person back.
Stat Requirments:Nin 600 Sta 700 Int 750 CC 890
Chakra Cost: 400-1000 for effect increasing
at 1000 chakra move does 200 damage

Wind Needles [Kaze no Hari]
The ability to control wind and shoot it like needles. The wind is usually formed on top of the userís finger and shot at will. This jutsu cannot be caught by bare hands due to the fact it is made from sheer wind, nor can it be stopped in its tracks. It can be shot with dozens at the same time, and does not have to move in a straight line. The needles are easier to spot than most due to the vacuum of air that they create.
Stat Requirments: Nin 550 Str 700 Sta 800 CC 930
Chakra Cost:150 per needle maz 10 needles
150 dmg per needle

Wind Surge [Boufuu Kyouzuu no Jutsu]
A defensive jutsu at best. The user distills the air around him or she with his or her using chakra and at the exact moment of attack releases a large burst of air. The blast of wind goes out three feet and knocks a victim back at least five feet. It is a defensive move that is usually used when the user is caught off guard. The wind is released from all sides of the body and stops projectiles. A cool down period of three posts is required before this jutsu can be used again, or the userís skin could be severely damaged.
Stat Requirments: Int 600 Sta 750 Nin 800 CC 990
Chakra Cost: 500


Kazekiryuu (Wind Current)
This technique allows the user to control the wind element and make it flow in different directions therefore making wind currents. With this the user will be able to control his/her attacks more efficiently and the skill can also make it difficult for the opponent to move swiftly.

Slicing Whirlwind Skill [Kamaitachi no Jutsu]
A jutsu that utilizes chakra and a weapon to create unusually large bursts of wind. In reality it is not an actual burst of wind but more of a tornado-like motion that slashes at objects. Like a real tornado, the wind expands as it goes farther and hits larger targets. Jounin or higher may perform this jutsu without a weapon.
Stat Requirments: Nin 4000 Int 4500 Sta 5200 CC 5700
Chakra Cost: 1000
500 damage

Wind Bolt Skill [Kaze Kongou no Jutsu]
Most offensive wind techniques focus on a huge burst of wind that slams into the opponentís whole body. This wind jutsu condenses the wind down into a spear like bolt of swirling wind. One could almost grab onto this wind since it is so condensed down, though anyone doing so would likely find their hand removed from their body. After doing hand seals the bolt of wind flies towards its intended target in a jagged pattern, almost like lightning. If it hits, the bolt will leave a deep puncture wound or may even impale the opponent. User must know Wind Harpoon.
Stat Requirments: Nin 5600 Int 5900 Str 6200 CC 6600
Chakra Cost: 1500
damage 800

Wind Drill Skill [Kaze Kiri no Jutsu]
An advanced version of the Wind Bolt Skill, this jutsu condenses the wind down into a spear like a drill of swirling air currents. One could almost grab onto this wind since it is so condensed down, though anyone doing so would likely find their hand removed from their body. After doing hand seals the bolt of wind flies towards its intended target. The drill is even capable of tearing and drilling through solid rock. User must know Wind Bolt Skill.
Stat Requirments: Nin 6700 Str 6900 Sta 7200 CC 7400
Chakra Cost: 2000
damage 1000


Armor of Wind [Kaze no Yoroi]
The user manipulates his chakra and the wind around him to create a whirlwind around his body. The wind forms a circle around the user ten feet in diameter, picking up debris and acting as armor for the user. Debris on the ground, as well as projectiles thrown towards it, becomes part of the armor and merely strengthens it. A taijutsu user is useless against the armor as the ninja will be knocked away or, in a worse case scenario, become apart of it. Effect lasts one post. (Can be penetratedby large objects at high velocity)
Stat Requirments: Nin 8500 Mob 9500 Int 9500 CC 9500
Chakra Cost: 2000

Grand Slicing Whirlwind Skill [Daikamaitachi no Jutsu]
This jutsu is a stronger form of Slicing Whirlwind Skill that creates a much larger gust of wind. This jutsu, because of its severity, has the power to be both an offensive and defensive move all at once. A much larger tornado is shot forth horizontally. Instead of cutting mere branches down, it has the capability of ripping the trees to shreds. The Grand Slicing Whirlwind even has the ability to blow chakra waves away. Must be Sannin or higher to perform without a weapon.
Stat Requirments: Str 9000 Sta 10500 Int 11900 CC 12200
Chakra Cost: 2500
2000 damage

Wind Element: Wind Dragon Skill [Fuuton: Furyuu no Jutsu]
This jutsu creates a traditional blue Chinese Dragon from the wind. The dragon is about twenty feet long with a red mane. The color, however, is not distinct because the wind borders transparency. The dragon fires one bolt of wind from its mouth before ramming into an object the next post.
Stat Requirments:Nin 10000 Int 12000 Sta 13500 CC 14000
Chakra Cost: 3000
500 dmg for the bolt of wind and 2000 if it rams opponent

Wind Gloves Technique [Kaze Tebukuro no Jutsu]
This jutsu causes surrounding wind to swirl around the userís hands, creating gloves that can rip up opponents on contact. Anything that comes in contact with or goes through the ball of chakra will be cut up by the wind slashing around inside. The userís hand is protected by a thin layer of chakra resting between his hand and the swirling wind. These Ďglovesí donít break when they hit something because the user keeps a constant supply of chakra going through the balls and around their hands. Normal melee damage is still applied when the user punches plus the wind bonus.
Stat Requirments:Nin 11000 Str 12000 Int 13000 CC 15000
Chakra Cost:3500 to start and 1000 to keep per post. (maxium 3 posts)
1500 damage per strike

Name: Wind Annex
Type: Nin
Description: A whirl of wind appears around the target, sucking out their oxygen and making it almost impossible to breath. The user can still attack them while they are in the annex
Effect: 8,000 dmg and can't use offensive jutsu while trapped
Cost: 9,500 chakra 2,500 to maintain, and 10,000 for suffocation


Wind Blade [Kaze no Yaiba]
This jutsu causes a powerful tornado of wind that surrounds the userís arm. The tornado is thin, and the other end comes to a point about 5í away from the user (shorter distances are possible). The sword cannot be blocked due to it being made of wind but it can be dodged. Sword lasts 3 posts.
Stat Requirments: Nin 18600 Str 19000 Sta 19600 Cc 21000
Chakra Cost: 5000
Damage depends on wound type. no less than 1000 no more than 5000

- Wind Element: Steroid Blanks [Fuuton: Renkuudan]
The user collects chakra in his fist, summoning wind in a ďblank round,Ē and then pounds it into his stomach, directing the chakra through his stomach and out his mouth as powerful blasts of swirling wind embedded with incredible amounts of chakra that can clear whole stretches of forestry. Even the most powerful of ninjas canít create more then three blanks in a single battle without destroying their lungs.
Stat Requirments: Nin 19000 Int 19800 Sta 11090 CC 19150
Chakra Cost: 6000
3000 dmg

Wind Element: Wind Dragon Blast Skill [Fuuton: Fuuryuudan no Jutsu]
Powerful attack that creates a huge surge of wind in the shape of a dragon, which is sent towards the opponent. If the victim is hit, it they will seem as if he or she is stuck inside a tornado.
Stat Requirments: Nin 18000 Int 19000 Str 22000 CC 24300
Chakra Cost: 7500
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Wind Style Jutsu's
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