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 Puppet Style Jutsu's

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PostSubject: Puppet Style Jutsu's   Puppet Style Jutsu's Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 6:36 pm

Genin Level (at this level you can only control 1 puppet)

Name: summon puppet
Type: ninjutsu
Description/effect: summons a puppet to the shinobi's pick
Cost: each puppet has its own chakra amount

Name: Hiddin Kuni knife opening
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the legs and arms of the puppet detaches showing blades that shoot at the opponet. the number of blades depends on the puppet.
Effect: 200 damage per blade
Cost: 400 chakra and 100 per blade

Name: puppet Gas Mouth
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppets mouth opens and leaks out a posionus gas that damages the opponet over time.
Effect: deals 100 damage to all opponet from posion for 5 post (cannot inturpt)
Cost: 400 chakra

Name: Puppeteer Substitution
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppet blocks one attack from the last post
Effect: the puppet takes the damage
Cost: 400 chakra

Name: chakra threads
Type: ninjutsu
Description/effect: the user creates chakra threads to his or her puppet
Cost:50 chakra per post

Chuunin Level (at this level you can only control 2 Puppets)

Name: Puppet firing shurikin
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppet fries shurikin at the opponet
Effect: deals 100 damage to the opponet and up to 10 can be fired at once
Cost: 200 chakra and 100 for each shurikin

Name: hiddin chest capture
Type: ninjutsu
Description: captures the opponet within the chest of the puppet and cant escape can only be used with the kuroari puppet
Effect: opponet can not escape or do anything for one post
Cost: 500 chakra

Name: posion smoke bomb
Type: ninjutsu
Description: player avoids one ninjutsu or taijutsu attack ( excluding genjutsu ) and the opponet is posioned
Effect: the opponet takes 100 damage for 5 posts due to posion
Cost: 500 chakra

Jounin Level (at this Level you can only control 3 Puppets)

Name: Hiddin Posion sword stab
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the legs and arms of the puppet detach and shows a small set of swords that are poioned number of blades depends on the puppet
Effect: 400 per blade and 100 per blade with posion damage 200 for 5 turns
Cost:700 chakra 100 per blade

Name: Spinning Slice n'Stab
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppet spreads blades from its body and starts running around the opponet cutting and slashin their body
Effect: 1000 damage
Cost: 1000 chakra

Name: puppet gas
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppet sprays a massive amount of poisonus gas effecting all opponets.
Effect: all opponets loses 500 damage and 200 for the next 10 posts
Cost: 1500 chakra

Name: puppet substitution
Type: ninjutsu
Description: the puppet blocks any damage and counter attacks the attacker.
Effect: puppet blocks any attacks and counters for 1000 damage
Cost: 1500 chakra

sannin (puppet master)

Name: Chakra Unlock
Type: ninjutsu
Description: deals damage to self to regain chakra
Effect: deals 5000 damage to caster to regain 5000 chakra in battle
Cost: 5000 damage to self

Name: Black Secret Technique
Type: ninjutsu
Description: stikes before the oppent stoping the last post's damage and jutsu. the opponet is captured for 1 post. cannot be avoided.
Effect: deals 1000 damage and stops the opponet from doing anything for one turn
Cost: 7000 chakra

Name: Red Secret Technique
Type: ninjutsu
Description: summons 100 puppets to deal damage to opponet can only be used once in battle.
Effect: summons 100 puppets with 100 health each dealing 100 damage per puppet
Cost: 15000 chakra

Name: puppet blood
Type: ninjutsu
Description: caster grabs hold of a dead shinobi and transforms it in to a puppet. the puppet is then put in to a summon scroll to be summon in to battle. the puppet doesnt have any weapons or poison but uses the dead shinobi's jutsu it had along with the same stats.
Effect: creates the dead shinobi in to a puppet, then put in to a summoning scroll to be used l8er on. the puppet can use all the jutsu the shinobi had as its own. can only be used once a day.
Cost: 30000 chakra

Name: Puppet Master
Type: ninjutsu
Description/effect: puppet masters dont have to pay to use chakra threads. and can detach and reattach the threads at any time. it also can control up to 102 puppets at the same time.


Name: puppet body
Type: ninjutsu
Description/Effect: the users body is a puppet its self witch gains 10000 life and 10000 chakra. also reduces all damage by 1000 but cannot wear any armor.
Cost: passive

Name: karakuri engeki
Type: ninjutsu
Description: kuroari captures the opponet and holds them in place. karasu splits up and every peace of his buddy becomes a blade. and shoots in to kuroari.
Effect: 50000 damage
Cost: 40000 chakra
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Puppet Style Jutsu's
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