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 Fighting System

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PostSubject: Fighting System   Fighting System Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 10:28 am

Fighting is done so.
First... if you want to fight someone...get on a ''training ground'' for example leaf village's and make a new topic.
Second... copy your state points and paste into a ''reply'' in that topic.
Once you want to make an attack go to ''All the jutsus in the game'' copy the attack and paste into a new ''reply''.When you did that you must copy your states again...but fixed. For example if the attack takes 3,000 chakra you have to take some of your chakra points.
If you're training you can't kill. If you're battling you can. If one of the characters dies he can't be used again. But you can make a new character and start again. Once the battle/training is done call an admin. He'll give you a ''state-up''. Thats it! Have Fun!
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Fighting System
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