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 Dragula Uchiha

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PostSubject: Dragula Uchiha   Dragula Uchiha Icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2008 8:53 am

Picture or Discribe Him/Her -
Name- Dragula
Male/Female- Male
Age- 19
1st Dream- None
2nd Dream- None
Height- 1,82
Village- Leaf Village /changed/
Chakra Type- Fire
Fighting style - Ninjutsu,Taijutsu
Inventory - 5 kunais,5 exploding tags,5 shurikens and 200 gold
Clan - Uchiha
Type - Healer

Missions Done By Character -

Stats - /An admin or moderator will give you your stats./
Health - 24,000
Chakra - 24,000
Taijutsu - 24,000
Ninjutsu - 24,000
Genjutsu - 24,000
Strenght - 24,000
Stamina - 24,000
Speed - 24,000
Intelligence - 24,000
Chakra control - 24,000
Rank - Chuunin
Level of type - 4

Story of character - Dragula was born hated. Everyone wanted to kill him. One day an assassin came while he was sleeping. He tryed to kill him. But Dragula made an energy field and killed the assassin.
He was always alone... noone wanted to be his friend. Untill one day... he found his best and only friend. His name was - Kows. When the other friends of Kows saw him playing with Dragula, they started to hate him too.
Kows didnt care. After two years... there was a war between the Leaf village and the Stone village.
Dragula was still 5. He couldn't fight. But....The Sanins hated him. And then it happen. Dragula was alone again. One of the sanins killed Kaws. Dragula was mad. Really mad. He destroyed the one who killed Kaws.
The assassin's name was Sijobi...His brother. Now Dragula was mega mad. He went to the student academy.
And finished it at 7. He was prepearing for the battle. He was going to become hokage. And start a new war between Leaf village and Stone village. This time... he was going to destroy the stone village.
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Dragula Uchiha
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