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 Snow Style Jutsu's 2

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PostSubject: Snow Style Jutsu's 2   Snow Style Jutsu's 2 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 8:01 pm

Kaginari Yuki [Eternal Snow]
Description: This jutsu is passive. By compacting snow or ice and super cooling it even further by the use of chakra, any snow or ice that is made by a snow-nin who has learnt this jutsu is completely unmeltable by natural warmth or heat. While Ninjutsu used by shinobi that normally would cause things to melt or burn would melt this snow depending on the opponents Ninjutsu. Heat in the atmosphere or any other non-chakra infused heat source will be unable to melt this super cooled snow.
Stat Requriements: 2500
Chakra cost:1000

Kantaite [Frigid Hand]
Description: When an opponent is standing near or around a batch of Snow, this jutsu can be used. Forcing chakra into the nearby Snow, a large hand is able to extend to upwards of fifty feet. Once this hand makes contact with an opponent or object it completely surrounds the opponent in compact snow. This snow cannot be broken out of unless the shinobi possessess a Jounin level Taijutsu. Normally avoiding this somewhat large and bulky hand is ones best option.
Stat Requirments: Nin 7500 Mob 8700 Str must be equal to the opponents CC 9000
Chakra Cost: 4000 to cast and grap 900 per post after that
+4500 dmg if you squeeze the opponent

Yukitama Renda No Jutsu [Snowball Barrage Technique]
Description: By compacting snow into a group of twenty small snowballs, the user is able to freeze them into a very dense state. Once this is performed the user is able to send this snowballs in a barrage towards any target they desire but once they are launched their direction cannot be changed. These snowballs each exploding with the power of an exploding tag. Usually this technique is used in a mortar sort of offensive, more useful in long range combat than upclose. Requirements: 5000
Chakra Cost: 3500
Effect:2500 damage per hit


Kaizen Yuki Bunshin No Jutsu [Improved Snow Clone Technique]
Description: An improvement upon the first and somewhat inferior Yuki bunshin. Using advanced knowledge and chakra control this jutsu comes into light. Compacting snow and water together to form a very dense and durable clone, this new Yuki bunshin is no longer considered "weak" among anything else. The difference between this clone and its previous is that his clone is more compact, fully capable of withstanding more than one blow. It is also able to house items and weapons within its stomach or upon itself if the user feels like placing such a thing inside or upon them. Requirements : 9000
Chakra Cost: 1500 per clone (max 3)

Touketsu Naiou [Frozen Depths]
Description: This technique can only be performed on a large body of Snow. Regardless of this it is quite a deadly jutsu when placed in the right situation. By forcing a fair amount of chakra into the snow upon which an opponent is standing, the Snow-nin forces an area of about 10 metres around the opponent to revert back into a supercooled yet liquid state. After two seconds it reverts back into snow, either trapping an opponent beneath the cold depths or letting him get away. Requirements: 10000
Chakra Cost; 3000
Effect:If caught the opponent takes 5000 damage and 500 frostburn damage

Jakunen [Desolation]
Description: This technique can only be performed after an opponent has been buried or covered in snow. By using chakra to make the snow contract with extreme pressure, this jutsu causes anything within the snow itself to be crushed completely. This jutsu is usually used to cripple or kill an opponent outright if he has been covered in snow.
Requirements 10000
Chakra cost 3000

Kaizen Yuki No Yoroi [Improved Armor Of Snow]
Description: By collecting large amounts of snow around themselves, the shinobi is able to force chakra into the snow flakes and make them compact in such a way that the regovita of this jutsu is a flexible full body armor made entirely of snow. This armor can only be used twice per battle due to the amount of chakra it consumes. Chakra Cost: 3000 to start 1000 a post to maintain
Effect: Damage per hit, -1000,

Yukinsei [Snow Comet]
Description: A very powerful jutsu that has been recently created by the newest Hyougakage. By creating a large amount of snow high up in the sky and compacting it to a very high degree, an extremely large ball of snow is created. The chakra that is used to compact the comet itself circles around inside of ball and explodes with the force of two exploding tags when it makes contact with something. This ball can be aimed in a general direction and once it is sent flying it cannot be stopped. An additional comet can be made for every 1000 chakra control over the requirement. Requirements 15000
Chakra Cost: 6000 to start and 6000 chakra control.
Effect:9000 damage and an extra 2000 for extra comets

Snow Dragon
Description: The users manipulates a descent area of snow into to the form of a large snow dragon. The dragon is very dense and puts up a resistance to fire . The Dragon then blasts up from the ground and charges at the enemy head on at great speed.
Requirements 15000
Chakra Cost : 4500
Effect:5000 damage

Avalanche Wolves
Description: The user uses a large amount of snow and chakra. The user performs the appropriate hand seals and creates a large avalanche. The large deposits of snow that fall from the avalanche are manipulated by the users chakra into a pack of snow wolves that stand 8ft off the ground. The snow are very dense and put up a resistance to fire, the wolves charge down the avalanche and attack the enemy. The wolves last only for the duration of this technique.
Requirements 16000
Chakra Cost 6500
Effect: 7000 damage

Nadare No Jutsu [Avalanche Technique]
Description: This jutsu requires a very large amount of snow. By focusing his chakra into the snow directly infront of him, the snow-nin is able to make a large tsunami of snow rise up into the air. This wave is able of destroying an entire army of ninja and has been forbidden to be used inside of Yukigakure or Hidden Snow unless there is no other way to defeat an opponent. This wave continues on its path of destruction, trapping anyone and anything caught in its path beneath the pure white depths. Only the user is able to avoid this technique by being directly behind the technique itself.(effects last 3 turns) Requirements 17000
Chakra cost: 10500
Effect:14,000 damage


Snow Vortex
Description: The user needs a large amount of snow for this techinque. The user performs the approrpriate handseals and uses his chakra to manipulate the snow around the enemy. The snow begins to shift around the enemy in a swirl shape spinning the enemy around in a circle and pulling him down into the snow at the same time. Once the enemy is down far enough the user claps his hands together and the snow above the enemy becomes dense and falls as giant balls of ice ontop of the enemy crushing him.
Requirements: 25000
Chakra cost: 15000
Effect:20000 damage and the foe is trapt in ice for 3 turns

Snow Spikes
Description: The user needs a large amount of snow for this technique. The user performs the appropriate hand seals and slams his hands onto the grond sendin chakra into the snow and molding it into giant snow spikes that cover the area of snow. THis does massive damage to enemies that are standing in the snow.
Requirements: 28000
Charka Cost: 1800
Effect:5000 damage and foe is wounded deeply

Ice Style: One Horned Whale
Description: An elite jutsu that creates a gigantic one horned whale made of pure ice that attacks your opponent. 15,000 damage
Requirements: 30000 and Sanin or Kage
Chakra Cost: 14000


Kaginarifuyu [Eternal Winter]
Description: A jutsu that can only be performed by the most talented shinobi that reside in the country of Snow. This technique causes a massive change into the climate of a certain area and is mainly used to change a warm climate into a cold one, letting a Snow shinobi reign supreme. By manipulating the moisture within the ground and air the shinobi is able to make an eternal winter begin by freezing the water beneath the earth itself and turning the ground into frost. The air then becomes cold and snow begins to fall for seven days and seven nights leaving the once fertile area into the current state which the Snow country is in.
Requirements: 35000 and Kage
Chakra Cost: 17000

Yukikeiji [Snow Apocolypse]
Description: This jutsu can only be performed once a post as afterwards it leaves the snow shinobi completely drained almost to the point of uncounciousness. By manipulating the moisture within the atmosphere up far into the skies the shinobi is able to make about fifty giant comets made entirely out of snow. These comets descend upon a targeted area, filled with chakra and ready to explode as soon as they make contact. This jutsu brings new word to long range artillery and is only used in the most dire of situations. These comets each explode with the force of four exploding tags. Requirements: 35000
Chakra Cost: 20000
Effect: 26,000 damage

Snow Yeti
Descripiton: The user performs a long string of hand seals. The user then creates a giant snow yeti out of a large deposit of snow. The Yeti is very dense and extremely strong. The user must put forth a lot of chakra control to keep the yeti stable or else it will act on its own in free will destroying everyone and everything in its path.
Requirements:45000 and Kage
Chakra Cost: 25000 CC 75% (if cannot provide cc the yeti goes on own will)
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Snow Style Jutsu's 2
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