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 Snow Style Jutsu's

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Reido [Freezing Point]
Description: The very foundation upon which all of Yukigakures Ninjutsu is based upon. By using chakra to manipulate water, a Snow-nin is able to freeze an available water source which can then be used for Ice or Snow based Ninjutsu. Snow ninja are able to use this ability to freeze moisture found within the enviroment in order to create ice in any situation as long as moisture is present. This jutsu is required for most snow based techniques.
Stat Requirments: 400 average stats
Chakra Cost: 50 per cubic foot of snow.
Genin 10 cubic ft
Chuunin 20 cubic feet
Jounin 50 cubic feet
Sannin 100 cubic ft
Kage - Unlimited.


Yuki Bunshin [Snow Clone]
Description: A very basic and easy to learn technique which involves manipulating snow into a very compact version of the user. The Yuki Bunshin is fully capable of combat although it isn't very durable, after all it is only made out of packed snow. Similar to a walking snowman, this clone doesn't make a very good decoy but can be very useful in battle due to the fact that numbers can always be good to have on your side in a heated confrontation.
Requirements: stats over 1000
Chakra Cost: 100 per clone (max 5)

Reinigiri [Zero Grip]
Description: A jutsu that is the most well known jutsu in all of Yukigakure and Hidden Snow itself. By forcing chakra onto the their feet, the shinobi is able to walk atop of snow with ease and move around on Ice with no problem whatsoever. This jutsu is mandatory for most shinobi as it allows them to be a master of their element and enviroment.
Requirements:1000 stats
Chakra Cost: 350 to start. 150 chakra per post to maintain.

Yukikumo No Jutsu [Snow Cloud Technique]
Description: A jutsu that normally wouldn't possess much use unless a Snow shinobi finds himself outside of his home territory. By condensing moisture and freezing it above the battlefield the Snow-nin can cause large snow clouds to appear and pour down large amounts of snow for the ninja himself to utilize in whatever way one can think of. Another affect of this jutsu is that the amount of snowfall can reduce vision similar to that of a regular smoke bomb. This smoke bomb effect lasts for one post but the snow continues to fall after this.
Stat requirements:1200
Chakra cost :550

Yuki Shuriken No Jutsu [Snow Shuriken Technique]

Description: This jutsu allows a shinobi to compact snow into the form of shurikens, their abilities are exactly similar to regular shuriken. This jutsu can be used in multiple ways but requires chakra to throw the shuriken themselves if the shinobi chooses not to throw them with his own hands.
Stat Requirements:1000
Chakra Cost:100 a shuriken extra 50 for self propelled shuriken
Effect:300 damage

Yuki No Yoroi [Armor Of Snow]
Description: By collecting large amounts of snow around themselves, the shinobi is able to force chakra into the snow flakes and make them compact in such a way that the regovita of this jutsu is a flexible full body armor made entirely of snow. This armor lasts until it has been destroyed. Stat Requirments: 1000
Chakra Cost: 300 to start. 100 a post to maintain
Effect: Damage per hit, -200,

Yuki Koutai [Snow Shift]
Description: By placing an item on top of a pile of snow, the user is able to force chakra into the item itself and cause the snow to shift positions. This jutsu can allow one to move an item from one spot to another in an instant as long as there is snow between where he put the item down and where he wishes it to reappear. The maximum distance for this jutsu is about fifteen metres. Stat Requirements 1050
Chakra Cost: 400

Yuki Kishu [Snow Rider]
Description: By standing on top of a patch of snow, the Snow-nin is able to fashion himself a very manueverable and swift vehicle of sorts. Using the snow as leverage the shinobi can force the snow to move in any direction he wants, making moving around much easier as the snow moves faster than the shinobi is able to run. This jutsu can only be used for one post and requires another post for an equivelent cooldown. This snow cannot move anywhere where there is no snow. Stat Requriements 1300
Chakra Cost: 500

Yuki No Tate [Snow Shield]
Description: Compacting snow and drawing it upwards the Snow-nin is able to create a shield of snow directly infront of wherever they point their open palm. While this shield cannot be moved around at Genin level as it must stay in place along with the user to maintain an open palm, At Chuunin level it is able to be moved around as long as the user keeps his hand open at all times. This shield can withstand most projectiles and physical attacks but isn't very good for defending against Ninjutsu. Stat Requirments:1200
Chakra Cost: 500


Yuki Enchou [Snow Dome]
Description: By pulling Snow up from around themselves the user is able to form a igloo made entirely out of compact Snow all around them. This dome is large enough for the user to remain inside but has very little room in which to move around. This dome is able to repel any attack that is Genin or Chuunin level aimed towards it, Jounin techniques are able to destroy this dome instantly. This jutsu lasts up to 3 post .
Stat Requirements: 1500
Chakra cost: 200 to start and 150 per post to maintain.

Koori Suiei No Jutsu [Ice Swimming]
Description: A variation on the infamous Inner Decapitation Technique from Iwagakure. Utilizing either Snow or Ice as the medium, the shinobi is able to swim beneath the hard and compact chosen surface for up to a maximum of two posts. If the shinobi chooses to grab onto an opponent and drag him under, he will be buried from up to the neck in ice or in the case of snow, buried completely.
Requirements 1500
Chakra Cost: 300

Yukinami [Snow Wave]
Description: By slamming their fists into the snow covered ground a Snow-nin is able to make a somewhat large wave of Snow rise into the air and proceed in the direction they have aimed their fists towards. This wave of Snow is ten metres high and ten metres wide. It is able to block most oncoming Taijutsu and projectiles and is able to sweep up anyone and anything within its path before burying them in the moderate amount of snow. This jutsu is useful for clearing a path of any obstacles or burying your opponent.
Stat requirements. 2000
Chakra cost: 850
Effect:2000 damage

Gekido Sekkei [Raging Snowstorm]
Description: By using the moisture in the atmosphere the user begins to make snow fall forth into the ground. Shortly after the large amount of snow begins to fall the wind picks up and begins to spin this snow into a very large and deadly blizzard. This blizzard is about fifteen metres in length and due to chakra compacting the snow even further the flakes of snow are able to slice into the skins causing damage equal to about a cut from a senbon. While this normally isn't very dangerous when stuck within the storm itself this can be very dangerous. Due to the user being in the eye of the storm he is unaffected but cannot move. The winds also help redirect projectiles. This jutsu lasts for two posts
Stat Requirements: 2500
Chakra Cost: 1200
Effect:2000 damage if in the storm

Yoki Rippoutai [Snow Cube]
Description: A very useful jutsu depending on the enviroment. By slamming one fist into nearby snow the user is able to force a large block of snow ranging about fifteen feet by fifteen feet in size to launch itself forth from the snow in a general direction. While this normally wouldn't be a very deadly jutsu, this snow travels exceedingly fast and can crush a foe somewhat easily. If this cube were to hit any dense objects it would explode with the force of an exploding tag. This jutsu can only be used three times per battle and requires a fair amount of snow upon the ground.
Stat requirements: 3000
Chakra Cost: 1500
Effect: 4000 damage if hit directly, 3000 for explosion
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Snow Style Jutsu's
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