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 Mist Style Jutsu's 2

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Poison Mist [Doku Kiri]
The user spews forth a giant cloud of poisonous mist from his or her mouth that blankets an area of a 30 ft radius in a dark green mist. This mist is comprised of a weak poison that irritates the opponents’ throat and lungs causing them to go into long and painful coughing fits.
Damage: 1,300 Damage
Cost: 1000 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above

Water Chains Technique [Suikusari no Jutsu]
Creates chains made of water and binds an enemies ankles and wrists. The strength and power of these chains depends on how skilled the user is with ninjutsu. The enemy can still perform seals if his arms are strong enough to move.
Cost: 900 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above

Water Element: Water Cannon Technique [Suiton: Suihou no Jutsu]
A skill that lets the user spit a powerful beam of boiling water, strong enough to push down to cause physical damage. The user can spit three such beams consecutively, or fire them off one per post. After three posts, if any of the shots remain unfired, they are lost.
Damage: 1,250 Damage
Cost: 950 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above

Name:Daibakufu no Jutsu -
"Grand Waterfall"
After doing the needed hand seals a column of water will circle the ninja and then a large force of water will erupt to hit the opponent. Due to the force of the water the target will be fully enveloped by the water and at its mercy as is pulls them away.
Effect: 3000 Damage; The area is filled with water, also the opponent is in current and loses one turn (post)
Cost: 3000 Chakra
Requirements: 10,000 stats

Water Instantaneous Body Skill [Mizu Shunshin no Jutsu]
A technique which allows the user to transport from one place to another through puddles of water.
Cost: 1200 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above

Water Collision Destruction [Suishouha]
After creating a large tornado of water the user can make it bear down on their opponent and move it at their will. Purely offensive and lacks any defensive capabilities.
Effect: 1,400 Damage
Cost: 1050 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 7000 or above

Silent Killing Method
The Demon of the Mist, Zabuza Momochi was famous for has now been learned by the rest of the Mist Ninja.This technique allows the user to feel out their opponent without the use of their eyes, with increditable accuracy.The user is so silent that they can take downthree squads of ninjas without any sounds being made.The user is very hard to find this This is one of the Mists most deadly Taijutsu Stances.
Effect: The user is no longer visible in mist unless at a very close distance. The user can see the opponent clear. A mist attack must be activate to use this technique.
Cost: 800 Chakra per post.
Requirement: Must be Jounnin

Silent Execution
This attack is one of the Ulitamate attacks that can be learned in the Silent Killing Method. This attack hits the opponent in the back of the head causing major damage and sending them face first, possibley knocking them out for a little while making them unable to fight. This attack is silent until the hit.
Effect: 2,500 damage, the opponent is rendered useless for one post. A mist attack must be activate to use this technique.
Cost: 3,000 chakra
Requirement: Must have learned the Silent Killing Technique.

Crushing Strike
This is used with a heavy sword. This attack is an advanced form of the Silent Strike. This attack hits the opponent with such force that it with make a huge dent the ground under their opponents feet. This attack is silent until the hit.
Effect: 1500 damage, plus 1 damage for 1 chakra. (Max of 2000 chakra.) A mist attack must be activate to use this technique.
Cost: 2000
Requirement: Must have Learned the Silent Killing Method.

Silent Strike
While using the Silent Killing Method, the user silently strikes the opponent with a sword. Usually hitting them in the back. The user then disappears as though they were never there.
Effect: 1000 Damage
Cost: 800 Chakra
Requirement: Must have used the Silent Killing Method.

Bakusui Shoha
(Exploding Water Shockwave)
One can literally create water out of nothing. Kisame was able to cover a significant portion of desert while engaging Guy and his subordinates.
Cost: 2,000 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above

(Five Eating Sharks)
Once an opponent is knocked into water, the user press his hand against the water as five sharks can be created out of chakra and used to attack the opponent.
Effect: 1,000 Damage
Cost: 1,500 Chakra
Requirements: Stats 4000 or above

Sannin and kage

Water Trap of Restraint [Mizuwana no Yokuseiryoku]
Creates a large body tourniquet out of nearby water to wrap around an opponent or an unruly prisoner restraining their legs and arms. This can also be set up like a trap, for if someone steps on a puddle the trap will go off and attempt to restrain them.
Damage: 4050 Damage
Cost: 3050 Chakra

Snow Blindness [Setsumou]
Used in conjunction with the Hidden Mist skill this makes things even more difficult to see. If used without the Hidden Mist skill, it is far less effective.The user makes snow begin to fall from the sky as thick as possible. This, of course, effects both the user and the opponent's vision.
Cost: 3000 Chakra

Water Element: Water Barrier [Suiton: Suijinheki]
An ultimate defense of the Mist Shinobi, Suiton Suijinheki requires a great deal of water to work. Upon completing the technique, a large, swirling barrier of water surrounds the user and any nearby allies. This protects against any fire technique, as well as any Ninjutsu that are projectiles by nature. Attempting to breach the barrier with Taijutsu is self-defeating, the opponent who attempts to do so will find himself being whirled around the barrier and slammed into the ground several times throughout the duration of the technique as he is caught in its strong current.
Cost: 6500 Chakra

Water Element: Water Dragon Blast Skill [Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu]
A powerful attack that creates a huge current of water in the shape of a dragon, which is then sent towards the opponent. Essentially a devastating single target attack.
Effect: 7,300 Damage
Cost: 5500 Chakra

Grand Water Explosion Technique [Daibakufu no Jutsu]
After performing a long string of handseals the user creates a spiraling column of water that will circle the user and afterwards the user can force it to erupt into the opponent. Due to the immense force of the attack the opponent will be under the mercy of the water as it drags them away from the user.
Effect: 5,300 Damage
Cost: 4000 Chakra

Water Element: Water Shark Blast Technique [Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu]
A powerful attack that requires its target to be on or near the water, this technique creates a large shark comprised of water that can be used to attack in one of two ways. Primarily, the shark is sent towards the opponent at a charge, attempting to strike the opponent with extreme bashing force as well as trying to rend him with its teeth. The second, more devious use involves the shark attempting to swallow the opponent. In this case, the shark is hidden under the water until it attacks. If it manages to swallow an opponent, he is trapped within a sphere of water for 2 posts as the shark itself dissolves. After an attack, successful or not, it vanishes.
Effect: 10,050 Damage
Cost: 8000 Chakra

Suikodan no Jutsu
(Water Shark Missile Technique)
This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst that's in the form of a shark. The user must know Goshokuzame (Five Eating Sharks) first
Effect: 9050 Damage
Cost: 7000
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Mist Style Jutsu's 2
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