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 Moon Style Jutsu's

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Tsuki-hi Juuden[Moon Light Charging]
A skill passed down by the elders of Tsukigakure, this jutsu is more of an essential skill rather than a jutsu. The user first circulates chakra throughout their body. When they are calm and completely stable, they begin to hum slightly. When the moon shines onto objects, they absorb the light and keep it with them for a fortnight. The user then uses this skill to take the light and charge it inside themselves, acting as either a minor healing force or an implication for moon based jutsu when there is no moon outside. This skill is very important to the village and is used by everyone, though once you reach jounin you most likely can summon the moon.

Tsuki Annainin[Moon Guide]
This technique has been taught to all natural born citizens to the Moon Village. This technique has been passed down from the elders and is what has kept the Moon Village so secret for so long. This technique requires the user to hum a mystical chant while the moon is in the sky. The moon will then create a clear celestial path that the chanter will then walk up making them appear to be walking on air. This path in actuality will lead the user to the Moon Village. Even after using this technique, that gates to the Moon Village is very heavily guarded.


Tsuki Guntou[Moon Saber]
By using charged moonlight or direct moonlight, the user can manipulate the light to form a small saber in ones hand. the saber can be as long as desired but one meter is were it is the strongest. the blade has virtually no weight and acts like a weak laser.
Requirements:1200 nin/cc
Cost: 500 to activate, 200 to maintain
-350 per strike
-450 if shot like a laser, if shot the user must redo the jutsu to make another

Kon Reiki[Soul Aura]
An ingenious Jutsu created by the Sandaime of Tsukigakure, the user charges moonlight into their whole body, then releases it, keeping it close to their body it acts as a shield of sorts and also as an attack upgrade. The wisps of moonlight take on a random element and either burn, freeze, electrocute, or slice things on contact.
Requirements:1400 nin/cc/int
Cost:1000 to activate 100 to maintain
-100 for burns; paralyzed for 1 post after; frozen for 2 post.
-500 for general taijutsu used with wisps

Taiin Dendoutai[Lunar Conductor]
Using this skill the user can draw in the power of the moon directly and use it as a source of energy. This technique can only be used when a moon is out and depending on the completeness of the moon the strength that can be draw from the moon is even greater. This technique is used by most Genin in the Moon Village to help them overcome stronger opponents.
Cresent Moon: Multiply all stats by 1.5
Half Moon: Multiply all stats by 1.75
Full Moon: Multiply all stats by 2.
Requirement: A Moon Technique must be used to 'summon' a moon into the sky. The user must be a natural born moon citizen or have taken a special trial.

Engetsu Genko[Cresent Moon Fist]
A special fighting technique developed by the people of the Moon Village. This style of fighting usually causes the user to emmit a white chakra as the fight. The user will get into stance using this technique and focus their inner strength into actual energy. This fighting style is most deadly when used during a full moon.
Requirement: Natural born citizen of the Moon Village or have taken special trials.
Effect: Taijutsu +500 without a moon, Taijutsu +1000 with a half moon, Taijutsu +2500 with a full moon.
Chakra Cost: 800 to begin, 400 to maintain.

Taiin Bushin No Jutsu[Lunar Clone]
Using this technique the user can create lunar clones. These clones are completely incapable of attack, but when used near faint light or darkness they can be used in incredible amounts. This jutsu can be used in correspondance with other Moon techniques to create actual solid clones.
Requirement: All stats above 400
Chakra Cost: 300 per 10 clones, if used under the moon; 200 per 10 clones, if used near a full moon; 100 per 10 clones.

Taiin Shuriken No Jutsu[Lunar Shuriken]
The user can throw a shuriken and then by focusing lunar chakra onto it the skuriken will then be multiplied. Though these shuriken are much weaker than average shuriken they fly a lot faster and can be used in swarms to damage the opponent with an almost impossible to dodge attack.
Requirement: Genin
Chakra Cost: 500 for every 200 shuriken.


Bendingu Kei[Bending Light]
This technique is vital to alot of Moon ninja. The user can bend the nearby light around them toward their body to glare the opponent with a powerful flash. This technique is mainly used for escaping purposes, but during battle if this technique is used it could cause the target to go blind for a short amount of time. (2 posts maximum.)
Requirements: All stats above 1200
Chakra Cost: 800 per post.

Kaimei Meshidasu[Darkness Bringer]
A move that is used to call forth darkness. When using this technique the user must maintain constant focus, they will concentrate on the area around them and use the darkness in that area as a blanket to cloak themselves. This prevents the opponent from seeing the user as long as they remain still and keep focus.
Requirements: All stats above 1000
Chakra Cost: 700 per post.

Juuryoku Ayatsuru LV1[Gravity Manipulation LV1]
Using this technique the Moon Village citizens can use their chakra to mainipulate gravity to a very mild extend. By doing this the user can concentrate on an object within 3 feet of themselves and decrease it's weight. This technique can allow there to life extremely heavy objects, run or even jump faster. This technique can be further mastered to obtain a new technique. These effects however are only temporary.
Requirement: Chakra Control 2600
Chakra Cost: 900 chakra to decrease weight of an object by 10 pounds. A maximum of 1000 chakra can be paid.

Juuryoku Juugan[Gravity Bullet]
By focusing chakra infront of the palm of the user's hand a small white sphere can be formed. These sphere can then be shot at the opponent, it is not very fast, but it is normally between 5-15inches in radius; depending on the user. As this sphere moves anything it touches will temporarily become 1/6th of it's original weight. This technique exerts force in all directions and if it his the opponent directly it can be damaging.
Effect: +900 dmg, the user can add a maximum of 500 chakra to increase the damage by 1 for ever two chakra.
Requirement: Chakra Control 2800
Chakra Cost: 1500 - 2000

Juushin Kakuheki LV1[Gravitic Barrier LV1]
Using a manipulation of gravity the user can create a negativily weighted area. This area will form a clear wall and anything that hits it will immediatly be hit by the negative weight causing it to quickly rise into the air once hit. This barriar is only a small wall and cannot be used to guard against any major attacks.
Requirements: Chuunin
Chakra Cost: 1500


Yobiyoseru Engetsu[Summoning of the Cresent Moon]
This technique has been kept a secret by the Moon Village elders. It is used to summon a Cresent Moon into the sky. This Moon is very hard to summon but once summoned it will greatly enhance the strength of Moon ninja. This Moon not only helps increase the strength of Moon Ninja, but directly affects the strength of gravity related technique in battle. The Moon summoned by this technique does not last long.
Effect: Damage and effectiveness of all Gravity jutsu is x1.25
Requirements: All stats above 10000
Chakra Cost: 4000 to summon, 1500 per post to maintain.

Juuryoku Ayatsuru LV2[Gravity Manipulation LV2]
Using a moderate manipulation of Gravity the user can now lift objects using chakra or descrease even increase the weight of an object greatly. In doing this the user can manipulate the weight of an object a maximum of 5 feet away from them and increase or decrease it's weight, make it hoover in the air, or even throw it a distance. Using this technique the user can even increase their own speed. Further testing a pratice with this technique can allow greater masterity. These effects are only temporary.
Requirement: Chakra Control 12000, must know all previous levels of Gravity Manipulation.
Chakra Cost: 1500 chakra to decrease the weight of an object by 20 pounds, the user can increase the chakra in this attack by a maximum of 4000 to decrease
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Moon Style Jutsu's
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