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 Electric Style Jutsu's

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PostSubject: Electric Style Jutsu's   Electric Style Jutsu's Icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 7:05 pm

All must be learned from the Raikage

Name: electric speed
Type: nin
Description: user becomes a glowing yellow.
Effect: user gains the speed of lightning able to transverse magnetic items at a maximum of 10 miles away from each other. Able to move faster than mach 4 making it easier to dodge.
Cost: 4,000 chakra

Name: electric fusion
Type: nin
Description: the user fuses with pure electricity making them an electric being.
Effect: The user gains 3,000 extra stats. Able to create magnetic fields around self or other objects pushing all metal objects away or towards it. When touching opponent takes 5,000 damage when shooting opponent takes 4.000 damage. lasts till dismissed or user dies.
Cost: 6,000 chakra

Name: Lightning sphere
Type: nin
Description: A large bubble of water come up from the ground surrounding the target holding him/her under water
Effect: 2,000 per post, once every 3 posts. (vanishes when target health is below 10,000 automatically or is expelled.)
Cost: 1,000 chakra, 500 CC per post to keep it up

Name: Lightning dodge
Type: nin
Description: User becomes a bolt of lightning.
Effect: User turns into lightning and dodges the attack from the last post. He flies towards the opponent going through him doing 2,000 damage then turning back to normal behind him.
Cost: 3,000 chakra

Name: Lightning Field
Type: nin
Description: The area becomes a large field of electricity
Effect: any jutsu used by someone other than this jutsu's user is struck by lightning dealing 2,000 damage.
Cost: 4,000 chakra

Name: Electric fiends
Type: little electric goblins
Description: little electric goblins come out of the ground attacking the enemy of user.
How Much Chakra: each creature has 1,000 health and 1,000 chakra
Effect: can strike enemy for 1,500 damage. can shoot lightning for 1,500. last till killed. (may have 3 on field)
Cost: must have lightning field activated. 500 health 500 chakra per summoning.

Name: electric crusifiction
Type: nin
Description: The target is launched high into the air by a electric chain that comes down from the heavens appearing around their neck lifting them up then 4 more bolts of lightning grab their arms and legs holding them tight then a huge sword made of pure lightning flies straight through the chest of the target.
Effect: 35,000 unable to move for one post, undodgeable
Cost: 30,000 chakra

Name: Heaven's Arrow
Type: nin
Description: a huge bolt of lightning comes flying down striking the target straight through the head sending unbelievable amounts of electricity through their entire body.
Effect: 30,000 damage when on ground. 20,000 damage when in the air + extra chakra put in.
Cost: 20,000 chakra, 5,000 health 15,000 stamina, extra chakra put in for more damage

Name: Holy Light
Type: nin
Description: A blinding light comes blasting from the sky above blinding everything there then suddenly a blast of electrical energy comes blasting down under the cover of the blinding light and stabs the target through the heart
Effect: 20,000 damage, 2,000 damage for 5 turns unless medical ninja heals the heart damage
Cost: 30,000 chakra
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Electric Style Jutsu's
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